Cathy Higgins   Service: -teacher of Intention Healing, a method of healing yourself from the inside out, Founder of One Touch Healing, Master Facilitator of Intention Healing.  Location: Penfield, NY.  Contact:

The Purple Door

3259 Winton Rd South
Rochester, NY 14623

Connie Wake and Sue Fiandach


ONE Wellness Center

2349 Monroe Avenue Rochester, NY  14618


Janice works with adults and teens, opening to a full realm of guidance, using practical and spiritual techniques to find blocks to healing all areas of the client’s life. Janice offers: Private sessions, Hospice/Grief Support, Healthcare Facility Visits, Discussion Groups, Career Transition Support.


​Sage is a powerful guide for change. With divine energy for your body, mind and spirit, she is committed to guiding you to create an empowered and happier life. Sage offers Divine Guidance and Energy Healing Sessions, Spiritual Counseling, Monthly Spiritual Message Groups, Crystal Message Sessions, Angelic Information Nights and Private, Home and Phone Sessions. In addition, Sage’s classes include Connecting to Angels, Living Peacefully beyond Chaos, Home Cleansings and Blessings and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET).


Samantha Taylor, Lightworker Practitioner

Lavender Light

1100 University Ave Suite 124B Rochester, NY 


ONE Wellness Center

2349 Monroe Avenue Rochester, NY  14618

Our mission is to promote holistic wellness and encourage healthy alternatives for your mind, body and spirit. Healthy Alternatives is a chemical free environment. Please do not wear perfumes scented lotions or smoke before your appointment. Healthy Alternatives offers Sound Healing, Guided Meditation, Therapeutic Massage, Facials, Body Wraps, IET (Integrated Energy Therapy), Raindrop Therapy, ART (Allergy retraining technique), Reiki, and Bio-Mat Therapy. Healthy Alternatives is owned by Carol Scheg-Morissette a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Herbalist / Aromatherapist, and Licensed Cosmetologist offering Healthier Hair Color.


Spirit & Crystal Connections specializes in unique crystals and  Doreen Virtue angel & Fairy card decks, also available are Young Living Essential Oils, jewelry and spiritually minded books for adults and kids. Vicki Snyder-Young is a Medium and Certified Shay Parker's Best American Psychic .She offers psychic medium and angel card readings by appointment or walk-in. Assertiveness and Archangel Life Coaching is also available. Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy healing is available by appointment.  


What If Wellness provides transformational coaching, group training, and martial arts classes to help you quickly and easily shift into safety, creativity, abundance, joy….and adventure!

I help you overcome fears and barriers to your joy then choose what you MOST WANT in your life and learn how to achieve that using incredibly simple brain training techniques, EFT tapping, laughter, and movement. Simple, fun, and outrageously effective. Services offered in person, via phone, and online (Skype, etc.)


The Purple Door opened in March, 2007, offering retail, reading and energy healing services. Since then, it has morphed into a Learning and Services place, and good stuff too!  We focus on the following elements of expanding the self: Divination – From our exclusive “Unlocking your 6th Sense” step-in program, you explore your natural connection to higher guidance for self and others, and classes and a certificate program to take it to any level you choose.  Energy Healing – Our natural connection to life force healing, from crystal, sound or traditional Reiki…for ourselves and certification classes to offer to others.  Empowerment – Walk into your own “a-ha” moment by expanding awareness on self growth, the power of sensitive intuition (empathic) and life coach sessions.  Our products offer an array of books, CD’s, crystals, home décor, candles and incense… to power your intension, space and everyday place.


Tammy Colvin            Service: Coaching, Reiki     Contact: 585-943-3867 or

Dr. Joe Manza DC, CACCP        Service: Chiropractor - Plus Pediatric and Pre/Post Natal Chiropractic
Location: 144 Metro Park, Suite 6 Rochester NY, 14623  or 421 Penbrooke Drive Suites 7 & 8, Penfield NY 14526
Contact: 585.334.7555 

Janice            Service: Angel-Guided Spiritual Messages, Tarot and Oracle Card Readings, Mediumship, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Aura Interpretation and Cleansing, Home and Office Cleansings.  Contact: 585-478-8046

The ONE Wellness Center is located on Monroe Avenue, Brighton, on the 2nd floor of the historic Cherry House building. The Center’s 20+ practitioners are focused on working with clients to promote greater health and wellbeing. This is accomplished via bodywork, classes, workshops, and events. Several of ONE’s licensed professionals have extensive experience in more than one holistic modality. Our featured services include Wellness Samplers, a Crystal bed from Brazil’s John of God, Harp Healing, Hypnosis, and a variety of body and energy therapies.





​Marjorie Baker Price

RN, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Level III
Centering Tools for Self-Healing & Development

Maryanna has been practicing Shamanism for the past ten years, known as The Backyard ShaWoman, she integrates the works of Jim Pathfinder Ewing, Sandra Ingerman, Peruvian Shamanism (Villoldo), and Stephen Farmer. She teaches classes in Shamanic Reiki Certification, Shamanism, and visual arts.  For her Shamanism has become a mode of living; it can quickly clear genetic blueprints that traditional Western modalities may not and teaches us to live in harmony with all; All is Sacred.


Spirit & Crystal Connections
714 University Avenue, Rochester , NY 14607


​Vicki Snyder and Jim Young

Jennifer Sutton, Transformational Journeys Guide
What If Wellness

146 East Main Street, Waterloo, NY 14532
Meetup Organizer: Rochester Wellness and Personal

Mythic Treasures

274 N Goodman Street

Rochester, NY  14607


Sue Stephens



Educating in heart centered mindfulness and self healing is the mission of WhiteDove Healing. The services and courses offered by WhiteDove Healing exist to help us heal the past, unlock the soul’s purpose, awaken New Energy magnificence. Sheila offers: Private Healing sessions, Support in Spiritual Empowerment, Community Education in New Energy Consciousness.


2349 Monroe Avenue, 2nd Floor (REAR) 
Rochester, NY 14618


Sheila Tillich

WhiteDove Healing
625 Ayrault Road, Fairport NY 14450

Samantha, the owner of Lavender Light, is a Certified Lightworker Practitioner© with an innate desire to help those around her. She specializes in dream analysis, numerology, and energy healing through IET© and Reiki. She also provides psychic readings to help others to work towards removing blocks and being the best versions of themselves.


Sue has been in business and an anchor in the metaphyscal community since 1990.  Over the years her store has evolved into a mythical wonderland carrying a variety of Incense and Candles to calm your spirit.  Energize yourself with our large selection of crystals and stones. Empower yourself with charms and amulets.  Dragons, Fairies and ancient Gods will inspire you.  Expand your mind by browsing through our books and glimpse into the unknown with tarot cards and other divination tools.  This store is about you and the tools you need to create and walk your own path.

The store is located on the ground floor of Village Gate Square at 274 N Goodman Street Rochester NY 14607 in the center of the Neighborhood of the Arts.  Contact Sue at 585-266-8350.

The Reiki Healing Center & Lemuria Gift Store
758 South Avenue

Rochester, NY  14620 

585-349-3400 or 607-522-4568

Rev. Barb Carlton

Sage Walker  LPN, Ordained Minister and IET Master Instructor 

ONE Wellness Center 2349 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618

585.317.4374 or email -

Lightways is a natural environment that promotes personal and spiritual growth and contentment.  Lightways Community is located at 31 Market St in Brockport, NY. We are part of A Different Path Gallery and several other small businesses that occupy an old historic building. The energy is amazing and perfect with our mission and beliefs.

Our store specialized in large variety of stones and crystals. We also have incense, angel stones, candles, smudge & shells, statues, dream catchers, jewelry, meditation tools, essential oils, books and CD’s.  We offer a variety of workshops and classes, as well as retreats, Calendar events include Mindful and Angel Meditations, Psychic & Mediumship Readings, Tarot Readings, John of God Crystal Healing Bed, Integrated Energy Therapy (Angel Hands-on Energy Healing), A Course in Miracles Study Group and more!


I offer Reiki and Karuna Reiki® treatments and classes, being trained by Reiki Masters Elspeth Walker Edinburgh, Scotland and Whalid Ghomein, Alexandria, Egypt, William Rand of The International Center for Reiki Training and Gopal Shrestha from Kathmandu, Nepal. Extra classes and workshops included Chakras, Crystals, Sounds, Dowsing, Angels and Reiki, much as we offer now. Lemuria Gift Store came later for my love of minerals and Gemstones  Over the last 13 years we hoped to make changes to people’s life teaching about connecting mind, body and spirit.  We are a Reiki school offering authentic teaching of Reiki, and many other modalities that link in well with Reiki. As well as being tools to bring improvement to people’s life.


A New Leaf Center

4 North Ave, Webster NY 14580  

(585) 748-9012

Cathleen Brauen CH & Kris Miller CH


Centering Tools™ for Self-Healing, Empowerment and Development is an integrated counseling, holistic and spiritual practice founded in 1987 by Marjorie Baker Price, community health and psychiatric nurse, coach, shamanic healer, certified hypnotherapist, certified medium, nondenominational minister, shamanic and energetic healer, channeler, Reiki Master/teacher, and author of self-help books, courses, and meditation audios.  Marjorie offers individual and family sessions on all these focuses; ongoing women’s groups, workshops and training sessions, as well as behavioral and grief interventions for wellness, transformation and achievement. 


Kim B-Yaekel   Service: Reiki, Crystal, Color and Sound Healing         Location: The Reiki Healing Center, 758 South Avenue Rochester, NY 14620  Contact: 585-242-1971 or Cell 585-747-9431

Healthy Alternatives Wellness Center

458 Stone Rd, Rochester, NY 14616.


Carol Scheg-Morrissette

In practice 14 years, offering integrated massage therapy and bodywork sessions.  Multiple therapies are available and may be administered alone or combined in a session.  Specializing in Lymph Drainage Therapy - which detoxes the body of impurities, stimulates the immune system, and reduces chronic swelling anywhere in the body.  Other modalities include Traditional Swedish Massage, Cranio Sacral, Zero Balancing, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Associative Awareness Technique, and Tuning Fork Therapies.





A New Leaf Center commitment is to provide a space and guidance for the restoration of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness.  If you are ready to make positive changes in your life, A New Leaf Center is the place to "turn a new leaf".   We specialize in hypnosis for past life regression and spiritual exploration, fertility and birth, and helping kids and teens.  We offer individual and group hypnosis, Reiki, classes, groups and workshops.


Lightways Journey

31 Market St

Brockport, NY 14420 


Karen Benson and Judy Andrews