We are in the final days of this Mercury retrograde season (whew!), and I have found myself getting my wires crossed with someone else multiple times throughout this cosmic event. 

Don’t worry – this is not going to be another post reinforcing the idea that Mercury in retro has to be all doom and gloom. I tend to be more curious about astrological events nowadays, wondering how certain aspects could be possible or true in my life. One truth that has occurred to me is that I am always responding from the reality I am experiencing, and this reality does not always match another person’s. 

Last week, I went to Starbucks because I had a free drink reward on my card. I assumed that the reward would automatically show for the cashier when she scanned my card. I had a $0 balance on it otherwise, and she asked me if I would like to reload or just pay. I said just pay; in my reality, the reward point had displayed on her screen and she was going to select that as my method of payment. Meanwhile, in her reality, it was not on her screen, so she was expecting me to pay for the drink using another method since I had told her not to reload the card. We were both at a standstill for a few moments before I realized that the card was probably not showing my reward point, and I informed her it was there. 

I offer an everyday, yet specific example of our two different realities at play creating confusion for both of us! I had to get on the same page with what she was experiencing to understand that I needed to offer her the information. 

I am an easygoing person, but you can imagine how this situation could have gotten out of hand if either of us were prone to quick annoyance. Sadly, these types of scenarios play out between people all the time and rapidly become displays of temper and misunderstanding. 

Sometimes we are lucky enough to catch the misconception in its tracks, as I did, and adjust our understanding of reality to be on the same page with someone else, but we do not always become conscious of it before it derails our energy and intention. 

For instance, imagine trying to talk to someone when they’ve had a bad day. Maybe this is a person you haven’t seen for a long time, but you previously set plans to meet for coffee. When they see you, they’re in a bad mood because of work, and they don’t seem happy to see you. Your reality becomes that this person no longer likes you, and you wonder what you did to deserve that. You become annoyed and say something in anger to them. Their experience of reality is that they’ve had a bad day and don’t feel very social, but they agree to meet with you because they don’t want to let you down. At some point in the meeting, they sense you’re upset but they don’t know why, and their reality becomes that you aren’t happy to see them or they said something wrong. Unless at least one of you gets to the truth, this could throw a wrench into the friendship for quite some time or even prevent you from talking anymore. 

Although these situations occur all the time, Mercury retro is the perfect time to slow down and reconsider where we may not be on the same page as someone else and where our thinking has been faulty. 

It is important to respond from the reality that we desire, but this is not easy (for lack of a better word) when we are surrounded by circumstances that are not pleasing. I used to be in the habit of reacting instead of responding, where I would get so caught up in the emotions of the moment that I did not consider the possibility of experiencing something more favorable in the future. Reacting has always caused me a great deal of regret, whereas responding empowers me.  When I respond, I am shaping my life; when I react, I am only acknowledging what already is and unwittingly bringing more of that upon myself. I like to remind myself that my reality is always subject to change, and this helps me to feel better when I am unhappy with what is. 

Treat the people you love as if they are new, every day. Allow space for a continually changing human, because that is what we all are! Every day, we discover new desires and new intentions. Are you the same person that you were a year or even a month ago? Many of our problems come from not allowing others the space for their expansion. When we approach someone thinking that they are X when they have become Y, it doesn’t work. It creates yet another conflicting reality.

About Holley: She is a freelance writer and consultant in Rochester, NY. She has been published in several literary journals and online magazines, including Rebelle Society and The Urban Howl. She was a finalist in the Adelaide Literary Awards 2017 with her essay about healing, which is entitled “Nonlinear.” She also does energy healing and readings and can be found at http://holleyhyler.com.





​The Tree Telesummit is happening now until March 9 online and its free.  Go to : http://guardianspiritsofnature.com/tree-spirit-telesummit/ to sign up. 

Dr. Controy and Basia were in here in Rochester a few years ago, they did a class on energy and trees. They will be speaking at a FREE event: The Guardian Gateway Tree Spirit Telesummit.

It's a FREE multi-speaker online event that will create a sacred space where Trees and Humans can come together in powerful new ways to support each other and our world.

You can hear Dr. Jim Conroy--TREES NEED YOUR HEALING EFFORTS--on March 8th at 4pm Eastern time (1pm Pacific).

You can hear Ms. Basia Alexander--TREES' LIVES: JOYS, STRESSES, PURPOSES--on March 7th at 4pm Eastern (1pm Pacific).

A total of 20 teachers are coming together February 26 – March 9 for two one-hour calls every weekday. There's no cost to attend, and even if you can't attend the talks live, you'll get access to each replay for 48 hours. Our friend Kim Wilborn will be interviewing each of us.


Dr. Jim tells his story about “Blue,” the Blue Spruce

“At the end of this tree’s ecological energy-medicine healing treatment,  I felt that there was still something missing.  I asked and asked and asked, but nothing came.  Then, in a moment of silence, I heard the tree whisper to me very clearly, ‘I want to be a BLUE Blue Spruce.’

“And that is exactly what it became the following spring.  Its new growth was plentiful and bright BLUE.

“Also, near the end of that healing treatment, I felt the upward shift of bioenergy and Life force that indicates to me that a tree’s inner processes are working healthily and in sync again.

“I stepped back–actually walked quite a ways back–to look at the whole tree.  It already looked better to me.  But, it wasn’t something I was seeing with my eyes.  Maybe I perceived it with the eyes of my heart, but the tree definitely looked  better.

“Even the property manager and one of the landscape workers noticed it, too.  ‘By God, I think he fixed it,’ he said.”


For more stories like this, you might be interested in reading Dr. Jim Conroy’s book: THE TREE WHISPERER’S 10 TREE AND PLANT INSIGHTS.  For more info on Dr. Conroy go to HJTTP://WWW.THETREEWHISPERER.COM





















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Whosoever knows others is clever.

Whosoever knows himself is wise.

Whosoever conquers others has force.

Whosoever conquers himself is strong.

Whosoever asserts himself has will-power.

Whosoever is self-sufficient is rich.

Whosoever does not lose his place has duration.

Whosoever does not perish in death lives.






All in the wild March-morning

I heard the angels call;

It was when the moon was setting,

and the dark was over all;

The trees began to whisper,

and the wind began to roll,

And in the wild March-morning I heard them call my soul.

― Lord Alfred Tennyson

I think therefore I Am! Well no not really. I Am is more of the matrix that thinking arises out of. But don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of thinking! I think most of us are. There it is again that “I think ” phrase.

I’ve been thinking about “I think” because I had repetitive thoughts last night. The kind that loop around and rob me of sleep. My thoughts were linked to disturbing ideas of conflict. I had surgery recently and I am having a good recovery but I wanted to modify the doctors instructions. I wanted to rely on my sense of self and what my body really needed. That is fine and good but then I second guess myself. That little girl who wants to please authority was having her own thoughts and feelings.

Well I decided I really can’t try to stop thinking. Have you ever tried to stop thinking anything? Like right now don’t think of the color red. I doubt anyone could last more than a few seconds. I know I can’t! Red, red, red like flames wanting to be fed.

I realized that thinking in and of itself is a harmless hobby. It is thinking connected to fear that I find disturbing. So I tried an experiment on myself. I linked my thoughts to my open heart. I had some help. I use a crystal matrix product from Vibesup.com for all sorts of things, like purifying water and medicine so why not this? Actually Tammy, GoodFeelingsMatter.wordpress.com ,  had the idea to use it for sleeping more peacefully. I felt I needed to place the “squishy” crystal mat piece on my third eye in order to link my thoughts to my heart. Voila! I fell back to sleep and got a solid 8 hours!

It is comforting to know I am much more than my thoughts. That’s a good thing because really some of my thoughts are quite creative. As long as they continue to be connected to an open heart I can be as creative as I please, as red as a rose flaming to perfection, as wide as a big beautiful blue sky.
About Christine: Hypnotherapist, International Association of Counselors and Therapists, Reconnective Energy Healer, Past Life Regression, Body Wisdom, Shamanic Healing






We have all been preparing for aeons of time to fulfill our individual facet of the unfolding Divine Plan. I know from outer appearances things seem chaotic, but day-by-day we are moving forward in the Light. A NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love has been secured in every person’s Heart Flame by his or her I AM Presence. Now it is up to all of us to magnetize these patterns of perfection into our tangible life experiences through our thoughts, words, actions, and feelings. Please take a few deep breaths and feel your consciousness expanding to take in the bigger picture. In the midst of the chaos, miracles are happening.

The Beings of Light have revealed that during the past 100 years very evolved souls have volunteered to embody on Earth in an attempt to help Humanity raise our heads above the mud puddle of our human miscreations. These souls have embodied all over the world, but they have deliberately concentrated in areas of the world that reflect the greatest pain and suffering. The hope is that these souls will awaken more easily than the masses of Humanity who have been buried in our human miscreations for thousands of years.

According to the Company of Heaven, this facet of the Divine Plan is succeeding beyond the greatest expectations of Heaven. An unprecedented awakening is now taking place, which is resulting in the greatest shift of consciousness the Earth has ever experienced. As these highly evolved souls awaken, they are creating an upward flow of consciousness that is lifting Humanity’s focus of attention. This is helping the masses of Humanity to awaken more quickly and to reconnect more easily with our I AM Presence and the Realms of Illumined Truth.

The painful experiences that are surfacing all over the world reflect lifetimes of hatred, corruption, and violence that have been created through Humanity’s negative thoughts, words, feelings, beliefs, and actions. These distorted behavior patterns have been perpetuated by our human egos for millennia. Since we are all One, every particle of Life is interrelated, interconnected, and interdependent. There is no separation. What affects one facet of Life affects all Life. What this means in very practical terms is that the pain and suffering caused by Humanity’s miscreations must be brought to the surface and transmuted back into Light if ANY of us are going to be ready to make the shift into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light.

Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed. We cannot just say “cancel, cancel” and clear lifetimes worth of our egos’ abuse of power. We have to become aware of our past transgressions of the Laws of Divine Love, Reverence for Life, and Oneness, so that we can invoke the Light of God and transmute our gross mutations back into their original perfection. Now that a NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love is pulsating within every person’s Heart Flame, everything that conflicts with Divine Love is being pushed to the surface at an accelerated pace.

Humanity has created every malady existing on Earth today by misusing the precious energy our Father-Mother God gave to us as our Gift of Life. Through our free-will choices, we accepted our Gift of Life and then distorted that harmonious energy into all manner of pain and suffering through our creative faculties of thought and feeling, and our gift of free will. Now, in order for us to move forward with the rest of our Solar System, there is no other option than for us to experience the results of our miscreations, so we can transmute them back into Light.

Knowing the urgency of the hour, our Father-Mother God issued a Cosmic Edict a few decades ago that gave the highly evolved souls who are now embodied on Earth permission to intervene in the purging and healing of Humanity’s miscreations. For the first time ever, these selfless Sons and Daughters of God have been given permission to join with their sisters and brothers on Earth and to actually take on some of the mass consciousness and the collective karmic liabilities Humanity has created since our fall from Grace. This is why these evolved souls embodied in areas where the densest frequencies of pain and suffering are being played out in people's lives.

When we look historically at the horrific experiences Humanity has gone through during the past 100 years, we get a glimpse of the sacrifice these highly evolved souls have made on our behalf. They have assisted all of us and brought our human miscreations to the surface by volunteering to experience devastating wars, religious persecution, plagues, natural disasters, poverty, hunger, hatred, greed, corruption, violence, and the unbridled abuse of power by our human egos. Through their lives and often through their deaths, these precious souls have brought to the attention of Humanity the rampant miscreations our human egos are perpetuating on this planet.

Some of these souls awakened fast enough to consciously remember why they are going through such painful experiences, but many of them did not. Nevertheless, they have God Victoriously gone through the experiences that they volunteered to heal. Their sacrifice has purged a great deal of Humanity’s collective negativity and catapulted the children of Earth forward in the Light.

The inclement weather conditions that are taking place all over the world are part of this necessary purging process. These catastrophic events are occurring in alignment with the unfolding Divine Plan. The positive thing is that in the midst of the chaos people are opening their hearts and reaching out to their sisters and brothers. In the face of such devastation our differences become irrelevant and the Oneness of Life begins to register in the hearts and minds of the masses of Humanity in profound ways. The love and compassion we develop when we witness the pain and suffering of our sisters and brothers, softens our heart and allows more of God’s Love and Healing Light to flow into our lives. This Open Heart response will accelerate the manifestation of our NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love.

As the collective consciousness of Humanity reaches out in love and compassion to our less fortunate sisters and brothers a shift takes place within our hearts and minds. This creates the Open Door through which the Company of Heaven and our I AM Presence can flood the Earth with the patterns of perfection for the New Earth and our Cause of Divine Love.

Humanity’s newly open hearts and feelings of deep love and compassion for our fellow Human Beings will allow a greater influx of God’s Love and Healing. The souls who have embodied to help us, are blessed for their selfless sacrifice on behalf of all Humanity. Those who are leaving the physical plane are being escorted into the Heavenly Realms by Legions of Angels. Those who are left behind will continue their service to the Light, but the Company of Heaven has enveloped each one in a mantle of Divine Comfort and Love to help them fulfill their facet of the Divine Plan. These are truly wondrous times.

Now it is up to you and me and every other person on the planet to open our hearts, so we too can fulfill our unique facet of the Divine Plan.

I Am The Divine Image of God

I AM the Divine Image of God manifesting Perfection in my Being and world, and for the Children of God, everyone, everywhere in God’s Supreme Name FOREVER.

Wherever I AM, my very Presence in the Universe is a constant outpouring and release of God's Love and Reverence for Life, God’s Will and Power, God’s Life and Light, God’s Truth and Freedom to all I contact, every day, in every way. (repeat 3X)

The long awaited moment has arrived. HUMANITY HAS EMBARKED ON OUR RETURN JOURNEY BACK TO THE LOVE AND WILL OF GOD. The Age of Enlightenment has dawned. This is the time long foretold by the ancient prophets, when Humanity will attain our Victory in the Light. We need only to lift up our consciousness and step through the open door into our Eternal Freedom.

​About Patricia: Patricia is co-founder and president of the nonprofit, educational organization New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, which sponsors the Annual World Congress On Illumination.  Patricia was a marriage and family counselor for 20 years. She now spends her time freely sharing the information she is receiving from the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth.  Patricia is an internationally known teacher and author who has taught workshops in 20 countries, and offered FREE Seminars in her hometown of Tucson, Arizona and throughout the USA for the past 33 years. She has written 11 books and produced CDs, DVD's, webinars, teleconferences, a weekly radio program, a free monthly email newsletter, global meditations, and YouTube presentations, all of which are designed to help Humanity add to the Light of the world. 



​​​Bruno Groening (1906-1959) was born in Germany, at the time of Hitler. But he was a man who taught people how they can heal from anything. This was especially necessary after WWII. He was sent to the war against Russia even though he said he would never kill anyone. He was made prisoner of war and called the next Rasputin by one of the Russian guards because Bruno was offering healing to both Germans and Russians. Bruno was never concerned by nationality or religion. He was here for everyone who wanted help.

As a child of 2 ½ years old, he felt there was very little love in his family and among humans. He often escaped into the woods where he would find peace and love from nature and the animals. He would escape in this paradise for 2 or 3 days sometimes and when his parents finally found him, they were furious and locked him up in his room… But he always found ways to escape. He did not want to live in this world deprived of love. God replied that he sent him on his personal request to help humankind. Imagine being told of this precise purpose when you are 2 ½ years old!

People and animals lost their agitation around him. As he became older, he could help cars or radios work again from a distance.

He did not care what people think. For instance, as a school boy, he would leave school to help someone in need if he felt within that he was called to do it. He only answered to God. When he talked about God, he sometimes said with a sense of family “my Father,” but he could also say, “God is life, there is no difference!”

He said, “Every condition can be healed, but not everyone can heal.” It is not easy to receive sometimes, we hang on to the illness or the burden as if it identified us… We cannot heal when we do this… We have to learn to not think of illness or problems as defining who we are. We also need to let go of the fear of not healing, let go of any judgment about illness or burdens, and let go of any negative thoughts about it all… So this leads us to develop an infinite sense of faith and joy about the experience of living… knowing healing is possible, no matter what!

Healing can be very ordinary such as finding a house, passing a difficult exam, or more life defining such as healing from cancer, deafness, or blindness, but can also defy medical explanations. I have a friend in my community who was born with a leg shorter than the other. She had a couple of knee surgeries and despite this she walked often on the seam of her shoes which therefore did not last very long. Her feet grew to be an 11 wide for a 5 foot 4 woman. Walking barefoot was impossible. She was always in pain. After joining the Circle of Friends, at a conference, she was wondering why God was not healing this person or that one when suddenly she felt 3 sharp pains, screaming with each one, all within a minute. Then she realized her leg had just grown to the same size as the other. Since then, almost 4 years ago, she can walk barefoot and has no more pain. Over the following 2 years, her feet shrunk to be able to wear a shoe size 9 medium. These are much easier to find!

What I find the most important though is that nations that were once at war now have Circle of friends gatherings in common: for instance, Serbians and Croatians, and Palestinians and Israelis.

The Circle of Friends is an organization that was created in 1979 by the most consistent supporter of Bruno’s work during his lifetime, Mrs. Grete Hausler. We are now in about 140 countries with at least 100,000 participants (friends of Bruno Groening) including about 10,000 medical and health care professionals who verify all the healing claims. The work is supported by donations only. No one is paid in the Circle of Friends. Bruno never accepted money because he said he was not healing, the divine is. So the organization follows the same principle, which, in my opinion, ensures that the teachings remain pure.

There are several ways to get support in the practice to receiving the Heilstrom (Healing Stream) once a friend is in the Circle of Friends.

Doing Einstellen (tuning in) to the Heilstrom twice daily (everyone can actually do this of course!).
Going to a community hour. Each community meets every 3 weeks. We have 3 communities in the greater Rochester area.
Becoming a helper.
Participating in internet conferences.
Going to conferences (Buffalo, NY, for our region, White Plains, NY, for North America, each once a year).
Hiking weekends or weeks around the world.

We offer public introductions once a month. The next ones are March 11 and April 8, 2:30-4pm, at the Penfield library on Baird Rd.

We show 2 documentary films, The Phenomenon Bruno Groening (about his life, based on testimonials and actual witnesses), and The Phenomenon of healing (about friends who healed after Bruno’s passing, showing that the healings continued despite Bruno’s death simply by calling on him if needed and/or practicing his teachings). The first of these films will be shown on May 19 and November 10. The second one on August 11 (all Saturdays). All films will be shown at the Assisi Institute, N. Winton, Rochester, NY, from 12:30-6:30. Donations are welcome to help us pay for the room. Healthy snacks and drinks are on us.
About Luc: Luc Watelet has a PhD in biostatistics and a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling.  He is a kundalini yoga teacher since 1996 which led him to practice a mindfulness approach to psychotherapy.  After working with clients who sometimes spent 30 years in therapy without seeing any progress overcoming depression or other mental health distresses, often left to cope with their problems with little hope for help except from medication, he decided it was time to write a book explaining how healing from mental health symptoms is possible. His book Off Script Therapy: When You Are Off Script and I Am Off Script, We Are Alive to Each Other was self-published in 2016. 

How many times have we watched Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz try to find her way home?  It’s a classic that we can never seem to get enough of.  Year after year, generation after generation, we watch her journey as she come to self-awareness that she always had the power to return home where she longed to be.  When she initially arrived in Oz, she was given the one gift she needed to return home.  Those red slippers were her gift of power.  To imagine that she had to experience all of the challenges that she did when all she had to do, at any given point and time, was to click her heals.  It was such a simple thing but without self-awareness, it was useless to her, although they were pretty.

It makes me think about my journey which I have called “Self-Discovery.”  But is it really self-discovery as in finding me or is it really coming to a self-awareness? How many gifts have I been given that I have only considered to be nice things to have?  How many of those gifts actually possess within them the power to bring me to that place I desire to be?

I believe that when each of us is born into this world, we are given gifts and talents enough to have us fulfill the desires that we carry around within our hearts.  These gifts, talents and empowering tools for survival and success have been carefully placed so that they are easily accessible to us.  Sometimes they may appear as disguises of something else, like Dorothy’s ruby slippers.  But they hold for us the answers to all of our hopes and dreams.

 Sometimes it is almost funny how everyone else can see these gifts within us and upon us.  Yet we go a lifetime without being aware it is there as we use it for our hobby or something we use in our past-time or part-time work on the side.  Often it becomes the thing that people most admire about us with more compliments than we can accept.

 I remember visiting a once former tenant at Christmas time and was so in awe of her Christmas tree.  Each year, her tree was a showcase stopper.  Yet she saw nothing special in it.  If I had the ability to decorate a tree as she did, I would have had a tree decorating business at Christmas time.  I almost asked her if I could promote her for a fee. She had this unbelievable gift, yet she could not see it.  She thought it was nothing that anyone else couldn’t do.

Many of us fall into this comparison trap.  We think nothing of what we have because we feel it is common, anyone else can do it or that someone else does it better.  And though “some” of this may be true, it does not mean we shouldn’t pursue it.  The truth is, someone else or anyone else may be able to do it, but no one else in the world will do it as you would.  This is true with anything.  Turn on any radio station and there is not one artist that sounds exactly like another.  Visit an Art Museum. Each artist has his own signature style.  We are all different, so we all bring something a little bit different to the table. Even if we have a twin, there will still be a difference.

Coming to self-awareness is much like coming to an awakening of you.  Upon this awakening, you must also come to self-acceptance. It is like coming to know and see who you are, what gifts and talents you have and making a choice to use them.  It may be hard to believe and accept that everything we need to succeed and survive in this life has already been provided to and for us.  But it has.  Sometimes they are obvious and sometimes they are not. Sometimes we have to have what may seem as bad events happen to us to bring them to the surface or shake them loose or even awaken them within us.  Sometimes we stumble upon them in situations that make us say “I didn’t know I could do that.”

The beauty of this world is the beauty that we each bring to the table when we use the gifts that we each have been given.  Each of us holds a piece of the puzzle that completes the existence of each other.  We all have a piece of the puzzle to bring to the table of humanity.

My road to self-discovery is leading me down the road to self-acceptance. As I become self-aware of what I bring to the table, self-acceptance helps me to appreciate it with a willingness to add to the table of humanity.

Just like Dorothy, I too, along with you have been given my gift and power, to get where I have always desired to go, to become what I have desired to be and/or to do what I have desired to do.  As I become self-aware, can I and will I click my heals?

Love, Rebecca

About Rebecca: I am Rebecca Washington. I have not always appreciated myself, my gifts, talents, intellect, internal or external beauty that I possess. The lack of appreciation and acknowledgement has been reflected in how I think the world sees me. But the world can only see what I show it and allow it to see.  Casting all of that behind me, I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world; your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart. All of these elements brought me to this:  "Love, Rebecca."

Get out in nature. Alone is best. It can be in a park, in the woods, on a trail, by the sea, wherever you feel comfortable and are in the presence of land, sky, earth, water, plant life and animal life. Your purpose is to allow nature to help balance and restore your energy, and for you to do your best to let go of whatever you might be experiencing an imbalance about, to listen with all of your senses, and allow yourself to open.  

Have no agenda other than to be, move, and quietly focus on everything around you. It is not the same going with someone else and talking the whole time. This is about learning to focus our mind and to listen in a conscious way to what is around us.

Walk or move thoughtfully. If you are not able to walk or move easily, do your best to quiet your mind and take in your surroundings. Look up. Look down. Try to see things you have never seen.

Use your senses, all of them.

Can you feel the warmth of the sunlight on your skin? The coolness in the shadows? The movement of the breeze? The different textures of tree bark? Sand under your feet?

As you move, do the smells change around you? Do the smells of blossoms or grasses or the sea or the forest shift and change as the trail moves through different habitats? Can you smell moisture and humidity in the air? Can you smell the soil?

What can you hear? The movement of wind through the trees? Birds singing? The splash of a fish jumping out of the water? Waves rolling onto the shore?

And when you look, look thoughtfully. Look closer. What do you really see? You don’t need to know exactly what you are looking at to appreciate the variety of colors, textures, shapes and the incredible variety of life around you. The closer you look, the more there is to see. And nature’s timing is perfect. If you are thinking of something and nature punctuates it, pay attention!

Our beautiful natural Earth has balanced energy that is open and free flowing. The plants, animals, rocks, sky, soil, air and water all have this balanced life force energy. By allowing ourselves to open and be re-tuned to the natural balance of nature, we can release the stuckness and the frustration, release it and let it go with love.

Nature is balanced. Ask it to help you. Allow it in. Ask nature to help balance you. If there is something troubling you, ask it to help you understand what you need to know. Then allow it to demonstrate it for you and be open to what it may say. Notice what comes, what you see, how it happens. You will be amazed by what it will reveal to you.

About Tammy: Tammy is a Manifesting & Self-Love Coach who helps others feel their way to a joyous life. She lives in Upstate New York and is mom to one incredible human teenager and a handful of delightful furry people as well.  he has been a spiritual seeker for a lifetime and has been studying and practicing the Law of Attraction for over 10 years, finding it an empowering & liberating tool for self-growth and self-actualization.





Here is a great You Tube with many videos on all types of metaphysical and spiritual topics.  Since our mission to enlighten and inform, we will be posting at least one a month to be sure you have a great background in many aspects of metaphysics and spirituality.  

This episode focuses on: To understand how crystals work, it’s important to embody the understanding that everything is fundamentally one energy, everything vibrates together in a great unified quantum field. This comes up within almost every episode because it relates to literally everything in existence. Seeing that everything can be seen as an extension of ourselves, crystals are exactly that. They are conductors, transmuters and channelers of energy. Each one has their own geometric lattice, and thus, their own particular radiant energy.







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As an empath, I’ve spent much of my life being single. Too much togetherness always seemed overwhelming to me. I wanted love, but I would experience sensory overload when I was in an intimate relationship. 

Then things changed. Four years ago, I met my partner. Though it’s been a fantastic growth and love experience, I’m still adjusting to being in a long term intimate relationship—a big stretch for me. 

As I discuss in “The Empath’s Survival Guide,” like many empaths, I have a strong hermit side, and I’m not used to interacting with someone each day. I require a huge psychic space around me so I can breathe. 

I need my quiet time and to replenish myself alone—not with other people. That’s why too much togetherness can be overstimulating for me. I also can’t take crowds, yelling, chronic talkers, loud voices and sounds, or strong scents. I’m an emotional sponge who absorbs the stress and negativity from others (including from my partner) into my own body. 

This can be exhausting if I don’t practice self-care. 

However, the beautiful side of being an empath is that I also absorb other people’s joy, compassion, and loving-kindness, which feels marvelous. I love nature. I love baths and the sound of the ocean. I love candlelight and Leonard Cohen. 

Until I met my partner, I was mainly single, except for occasional short-term love relationships. 

Typically, I’d bolt out of these relationships by year two, because I’d feel overwhelmed and suffocated from interacting with someone so much. 

I wasn’t able to be fiercely honest about my emotional and energetic needs—which is so necessary for empaths in relationships. So I kept a lot of emotions inside until they became unbearable. At that point, all I knew was that I yearned for my safe, low-stimulation cave of aloneness, where I could find my own comfort level again. 

My current relationship is different. This man respects and understands my sensitivities as an empath (as much as any non-empath can). I’m more honest with him, and he’s more accepting. 

I adore his loving heart, sexy exterior, love of nature, and high emotional intelligence. And we truly love and are devoted to each other. 

Even so, the struggle I face as an empath in an intimate relationship is that my strong desire for love and connection conflicts with my deep desire to be alone. 

I’ve been torn in this way my entire life, a programming that runs deep within me. 

When I was single, I’d long for a soul-mate. When I was in a relationship, I’d get overwhelmed and long to escape. 

It was a painful puzzle of conflicting needs that was hard to solve. Growing up as an only child, and then becoming a writer, have contributed to my intense desire for solitude. Still, this programming feels many lifetimes old and is hard to crack. 

After all these years, I’ve probably met “The One,” and I really don’t want to blow it. We’re living together now, which is a gigantic leap for me (not for him). I haven’t lived with anyone since the 90s! 

And empaths are not the easiest people to live with. We have Princess and the Pea-like sensibilities that could drive other people crazy, though our needs feel natural to us. But, by some miracle, my sensitivities don’t drive him crazy and he wants to understand and honor them. 

Day by day, we’re loving each other. We make progress and we make mistakes. But we keep getting closer as we find our way in love. 

These are 9 Lessons I’ve learned so far about being an empath in an intimate relationship:

I need to carve out alone time every day to feel sane and happy.
I need to sleep alone, frequently, so I can have the uninterrupted space to rest and dream.
I need to do my work, which includes writing my books and seeing patients in my psychotherapy practice—both bring me great joy.
I need to be honest with my partner about my feelings and anxieties when I am overwhelmed by my emotions.
I need to hear his needs and make compromises that we both can live with.
I need to grow beyond my comfort level and try to tolerate my anxiety about living with someone without bolting.
I need to feel his commitment and devotion to me and know he won’t leave me as I find my way with him.
I need to play, be in nature and interpret my dreams every night.

When I’m anxious or overloaded, or feel I just can’t do this, I need to stay in the moment. I need to breathe, regroup, sleep, talk to a friend, take alone time, meditate, and find my center again.

As you can see, my experiment with intimacy is a work in progress. 

I’ve always yearned for this kind of soul stretching, but it has always felt “too hard” to change my habits, kind of like turning the Titanic. It’s taken most of my life to feel ready. I see intimate relationships as a spiritual path—but they aren’t for everyone. I can understand the advantages of a monastic path, the path of being single, and any path that involves more of a solitary theme. 

In contrast, intimate relationships are about bonding, companionship, passion, and having someone who calls you outside to watch the beauty of the moon, to travel with, to share your feelings with, to ride the currents of each day with, for however long your destiny is together. 

If you are an empath, or if you’re in love with one, I hope my experiment with being an empath in an intimate relationship helps you. For me, it’s uncharted terrain, but it is a magnificient and worthy journey of discovery that keeps unfolding each day.

​About Judith: Judith Orloff, MD is author of The Empath's Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People, upon which her articles are based. Dr. Orloff is a psychiatrist, an empath, and is on the UCLA Psychiatric Clinical Faculty. She synthesizes the pearls of traditional medicine with cutting edge knowledge of intuition, energy, and spirituality. Dr. Orloff also specializes in treating empaths and highly sensitive people in her private practice. To learn more about empaths and her free empath support newsletter as well as Dr. Orloff's books and workshop schedule, visit www.drjudithorloff.com her website.​

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Welcome to Episode 26 of Mystic Musings with Tobie Hewitt. This week we will look at the Coexistence of Multiple Dimensions as we continue our mystic journey.

Welcome to Episode 27 of Mystic Musings with Tobie Hewitt. This week we will look at extra sensory perception as we continue our mystic journey.

About Tobie:  Tobie Hewitt has nine books listed on Amazon.com, including Simple Gifts: Living a Spirited Life, which shares what it is like to be a spiritual girl in a physical world. She has dedicated her life to helping others realize that they are spirits, embodied on this earth to learn from the experience, and that they do not need to fear the transition known as death. By spreading this awareness, she hopes to contribute to a more peaceful and cohesive world. You can contact her through her contact page on her website -  www.tobiehewitt.com.

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​One of my Buddhist teachers once shared a story about the Buddha.  Before becoming enlightened, the Buddha was known as Prince Siddhartha Gautama. His father was the king of territory that is today part of modern-day Nepal as well as parts of India. After his enlightenment, the King asked the Buddha to return and assume his position as heir to the kingdom.

The Buddha declined his father’s offer.

‘What need do I have to rule a kingdom when I am now the ruler of my mind?’

Going within: Finding our true power

The Buddha’s words point us towards the authentic source of our power- which does not lie outside us – in any relationship or any possession or in any ‘thing’ – but must be sought and claimed within. To become a ruler or master of the mind is no small feat; but the rewards are not insignificant either. In becoming masters of our minds, we can more fully face the challenges of life with greater ease, steady purpose and inner peace and joy.

Mantra meditation

The mind is however often so distracted that an experience of steady inner peace and joy may seem impossible at times. One way we can learn to quiet the mind, so we can reach inner stillness is by using the mantra – repeating a word or phrase repetitively. This practice is ancient and universal. It is part of Buddhism, and is known as japa (or chanting) in the Hindu tradition. It is practiced in the Catholic tradition using rosary beads and is referred to as zikr by Sufi practitioners.

Why is the mantra helpful?

In ancient India, trainers needed to lead elephants from one place to another. They often came across bazaars filled with many different sights, tastes, sounds and aromas that would attract the elephants. Naturally, the elephants touched the foods and other items with their trunks. The trainers placed a wooden stick in the elephants’ trunks – which was a clever way to keep the trunk occupied so the elephant was unable to ‘hold’ anything else. Then the trainers led the elephants safely through the bazaars.

Using a mantra is like giving our mind a ‘stick’ which we hold onto when the mind seems to be moving from here to there and everywhere except in the present moment. When we repetitively repeat a word, we develop greater focus, concentration and clarity. The mantra slows down the thinking mind- so it can be present and join with what is before us.

Medical and scientific research

From a medical and scientific perspective, mantra meditation is a way to elicit the relaxation response- a term first described in the 1970s by Dr. Herbert Benson, a cardiologist who is currently the Director Emeritus of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. The relaxation response is a physiological state which is the opposite of the stress response (which is also known as the fight-or-flight response). We are all keenly aware today of the ubiquitous role that stress plays in so many mental as well as physical illnesses.  Benson and his team of researchers showed that the relaxation response is effective therapy for many different stress-related disorders, including anxiety, mild and moderate depression, chronic anger and hostility, insomnia, high blood pressure, premenstrual tension, menstrual cramps, rheumatoid arthritis, and irritable bowel syndrome.1


Choose a favorite phrase or word that inspires and soothes you. You can choose from a sacred text or a prayer or other inspirational book. A single word or a few words are best – so that it is easy to remember. It does not have to be in Sanskrit or any special language- just something that feels comfortable for you. You can start by repeating it a few times in the morning and evening. You may consider buying a japa mala if that feels inspiring.

Some examples could be:

·         I am peace
·         Love is here
·         All is well
·         Trust in Love today
·         Love leads the way
·         Love first

Listen to the medtation on the first page which is a popular Sanskrit mantra that resonates for many.

Sharing with our children

Children as young as three to four years of age can repeat mantras as well. It is not about how long they can do this at this age. The key is just introducing them to repeating a phrase to express gratitude or remember God ( if that is a part of your family’s tradition) or just focusing on Love or Peace as a wonderful way to start or end the day. Older children can be encouraged to use the mantra to calm the mind if they experience anxiety or feel stress about an upcoming academic or athletic event. This is a powerful way to teach them at a young age that they indeed can be masters of their mind; they can witness for themselves how this simple practice can shift their minds from an upset, anxiety or stress toward the direction of relief.

Medicine for the mind (and body)

The mantra is a powerful medicine that you and your children can take with you wherever you go. No one need know you are practicing this, yet the benefits of the practice will yield powerful gifts of love, peace and energy that will extend from you outwards like fragrance from a lovely flower.

May this practice nurture you and your loved ones, and please write back with any feedback!

About Seema:  Coaching for Inner Peace (CFIP) is a non-profit educational organization created to offer a systematic way to experience consistent inner peace.  The organization is led by a physician, Seema Khaneja, MD who combines the wisdom of world spiritual traditions with scientific research, to guide people to holistic healing.  As the founder, Seema Khaneja MD has an extensive background in traditional Western medicine as well as complementary/alternative medicine. She was born in India, where she spent her early childhood years and was drawn to a spiritual path from a young age. She studied with spiritual teachers from the Hindu and Buddhist tradition and is also a student of A Course in Miracles. Ever since Dr. Khaneja entered medical school, she was on a quest to understand the connection between mind, body, emotions and healing. Coaching for Inner Peace is a vehicle to share what she learned- based on her professional and personal experience- so others may be relieved of suffering and rediscover a sense of wholeness.