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At Winter's End


At winter’s end, sweet hope begins


to swell until it fills the earth.


Forlornness fades; renewal wins


at winter’s end! Sweet hope begins


to scatter seeds that blossom mirth


as sun looks down at us and grins!


At winter’s end, sweet hope begins


to swell until it fills the earth.



Copyright © Andrea Dietric

Vicki Snyder-Young co-owner of the store Spirit & Crystal Connections in Rochester has started a healing group to assist with personal requests.  Every Monday the group gathers to focus the healing energy to the list of names that Vicki has collected.  If you know of someone (humans and animals) who would like to be included on the list or need further details please email -


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Metaphysics of Gems and Minerals  

Amethyst is a beautiful, purple-variety quartz found all over the world. Amethyst has a deep, powerful, meditative energy to it that works well on the crown chakra and strengthens ones personal connection to the realms of Spirit and Higher Consciousness.  Amethyst encourages wisdom in the user, helping the user to gain knowledge as well as putting wisdom to good use.  Amethyst is an excellent stone to aid in meditation.  Meditating with amethyst (either placed at the crown chakra, held in the hand, or in many cases just placing nearby in the room) can help the user get into the meditative state easier, as well as maintain the state longer. Amethyst placed under the pillow at bedtime has been known to induce vivid psychic dreams.  A word of caution, however…Amethyst is so powerful in its connection to the astral realm that it shouldn’t be used by someone who suffers from schizophrenia or dementia (they would perhaps benefit from a more grounded, stable energy that an aragonite, petrified wood, or black tourmaline would provide). Amethyst has been said to make those diseases of the mind that warp ones sense of reality worse.(Melody) When you become familiar with the energy of this stone, it is easy to see why!

Amethyst has another, interesting side to it.  It is also known to be a stone of moderation. When consciously directed and programmed, it can be useful in combating drug and alcohol addiction by encouraging controlled, moderate behavior via one’s own connection to Spirit.  As this connection is strengthened, it can be easier control over-indulgent tendencies. 

Amethyst geodes display all the qualities listed above and also add a fertile, maternal energy.  The Amethyst geode represents The Great Mother’s Womb, and can be used to encourage fertility in females. Especially powerful in this respect are amethyst geodes that have orange calcite points growing out of them, for orange calcite points have a strong, creative, sexual-type energy and is symbolic of The Great Father’s Phallus.

Amethysts are also useful for artists, dreamers, psychics, and people who work in the realm of the spirit such as ministers, priests and priestesses, monks and nuns, magick-workers and healers.  They are great to keep with your tarot deck or on your altar to help keep that spiritual connection strong.  

​About Christina: I grew up in Henrietta, NY and currently reside in Rochester with my husband and two children. I have been collecting minerals since the age of 8, and have been studying the metaphysics of rocks and minerals since I was 12 years old. After a brief time at American University in D.C. to study politics, I came back to my hometown and focused on my first love of mineral collecting and meditation. I am the co-owner of Hall of Gems at 662 Monroe Avenue in Rochester, NY found inside Aaron's Alley.  Check out the facebook page -  For literary sources, I use "Love is in the Earth" by Melody, "Earth Power" by Scott Cunningham, "The Crystal Bible" by Judy Hall, and "Good Magick" by Marina Medici

A deep layer of snow blankets a pristine winter woods landscape - what a favorite scene for us all this time of year. A beautiful and serene wonder of nature occurs when colorless water paints the world white with the magical frosting of the first snowfall. We have an innate attraction to such natural beauty - giving us peace, security and joy. Perfect snowflakes are energetic vibrations converted into substance - energy frozen into matter - crystallized pure water. Energy turns into matter and vice versa in the continuous dance of this universe surrounding us. We have a vibratory nature as divine beings. We are composed of energy and matter; our energetic components include chemical, biochemical and electrical energies, which are well understood. Our spiritual and psychic natures are driven by subtle energy, which remains more elusive. Subtle energy affects our being on all levels.

Of course we know that there is more to reality, to the infinite Cosmos, than we can percieve directly. We accept this because we have been warned since childhood that there is "more to it than you can see"; however we are too rooted to the physical, the material - to things that we can see with our own eyes... we rely too much on our sense of sight. In this spiritual season - get beyond the physical - extend your consciousness & your view of the universe. Think to the simple snowflake. At first glance it is a fluffy white dot, but on closer observation, the snow flake is a beautiful geometric ornament. You may not have heard that freezing snow crystals can be affected by beautiful music - or strong emotions. This phenomena is reflected in the work of Masaru Emoto (The Hidden Messages in Water). Emoto found that the crystal structure formed when water droplets freeze could be significantly impacted by exposing the water to vibrational energy - in the form of music and emotions. Snowflakes, in their near infinite variety, reflect the endless feelings, thoughts and music that are part of us and our world.

Emoto found that water can express itself in an unlimited number of ways. His experiments exposed crystallizing water to beautiful music - dramatically affecting the crystals that were formed. Classical music strongly enhances snowflakes - or water crystals: forming delicate crystals with Mozart, distinct geometries with Beethoven and elegant details with Chopin... it is as if snow "feels" invisible musical vibrations - and is sculpted by them.

Even emotions and positive (or negative) thoughts can influence water crystals per the work of Emoto. Positive emotions and words corresponded to beautiful symmetrical crystals; negative thoughts produced malformed, disjointed snowflakes. It is as if your intentions take physical form as they influence the freezing water. Tap water tainted with chlorine and other waters, polluted with chemical contaminants OR with negativity and hate, produced deformed, fragmented crystals. These shapes are in stark contrast to the elegant, symmetrical shapes from pure waters and pure feelings.

We cannot see the sound vibrations, or detect the emotional energies, but they are as real as the snowflakes that are shaped by their influences. Each snowflake is natures artwork, displaying a perfect crystalline shape bound with heavenly music. It is obvious why a pristine winter scene looks so pure and healthy; harmony and resonance from perfect snow crystals transform the landscape and bathe everything in joyful energy.

Water is THE element of life! All living things from the highest (Man) to the lowliest microorganisms require water - are made from water. Our bodies consist of about 70% water... the first compound searched for on other planets for supporting life is water. Mars excites scientists because water has been discovered there.

A logical extension of Emoto's work is that a healthy body is reinforced by positive emotions, natural beauty and harmonious music. The beautiful, symmetrical ice crystals formed in the presence of these positive influences are clear indicators of strength, beauty and health. Better wellness is possible through vibrational energy. When young children are presented with scenes of natural beauty and perfect snow flake crystals versus congested urban scenes and deformed crystals they unanimously prefer the former scenes.

Another well studied example of vibration shaping matter comes from the field of Cymatics. The term (Kymatiks in German), was adapted from the Greek word Kymatika (matter pertaining to waves), in the 1960s by Swiss medical doctor and natural scientist, Hans Jenny (1904-1972).

Jenny systematically investigated the ability of sound vibrations to influence and shape fine particles of matter. Jenny's Cymatics, the science of wave phenomena and vibration, demonstrates the vibratory nature of matter and the transformational nature of sound. It is cutting edge sound science, and its implications are enormous!

Jenny used a wide variety of sounds to vibrate a metal plate with a thin layer of sand or other fine particles. Jenny was able to produce a huge variety of images in the sand. Shapes from geometrical patterns to living biological forms were produced by varying the conditions. Sound vibrations excited inert masses of sand and water into dynamic forms - some that replicated living organisms. As with Emoto's water crystals, we can directly perceive the hidden vibrational mechanisms that animate our world. Solid evidence of the unseen aspects of the world at work.

The concept of vibration changing matter - energy defining reality - occurs on every level. A manifestation of the vibratory forces that control our universe on the grandest scale is seen in the origins and destinies of stars and galaxies; tiny ripples of gravitational energy form the starting nucleus for star creation. Subtle energies - revealed to us individually in defining the shape of a snowflake - show us the divine in the everyday world.

Harmony is a state of bliss AND it also is the perfect interplay of vibrations - from a violin or in the deepest workings of subatomic particles. Current scientific thought suggests that the material world is held together by harmony or resonance - that mysterious force that determines how subatomic particles relate and bond with one another and controls how oscillations of galactic gravitational fields interact. These very same invisible forces rule in our subjective worlds, as music changes our moods and dispositions. Once we truly understand these fundamental energies we can apply them to every aspect of our lives - elevating our existence.

Just as no two snowflakes are exactly alike, no two people's energies are identical. Their beauty is in their variety and endless expressions. Sound vibration influences matter; a microcosm of the universe's vast oneness of matter & energy is the freezing of water into an infinite number of snowflakes. Energy affects matter... amazingly subtle, targeted, precise energy packets can tune our bodies, grow our minds, harmonize our souls and make perfect beauty in nature. Enjoy the blessed holiday season and get past the material. Remember your Holistic nature - you have a divine element. Enjoy the blessings of a song and in a snowflake. The universe is one of matter and energy - inseparable, indivisible, ONE. Nurture and strengthen your spirit, Believe

About Jill: Jill Mattson is a prolific Artist, Musician and Author. Jill is widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound Healing!   She has produced nine CDs with intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques, & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits.  Jill is a four - time author. (The Lost Waves of Time – Best Book of 2016 and Best Alternative Science book of 2016, Deep Wave Body Healing CD– Best Sound Healing CD of 2016, Contacting Angels & Masters CD – Best CD of 2015 and Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD – Silver Award).  Free music & School of Sound Healing at

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Ultimately everything is a spiritual experience. We perceive the 3d world through our senses making it seem like the tangible world is what’s real, like it is all that is real. We can see it, taste it, touch it, hear it, read it. Knock on it. It sure seems real. Underneath, it is lots of vibration and our perceptions of them translated into sight, sound, taste. 

When things in this tangible world are exactly as we want them to be, it is so easy to feel joy. True we may be happy because of the pleasant conditions. Sometimes, though, certain conditions appear and make it a little more challenging to feel joyful and loving. When this happens, I try to ignore the parts of reality I dislike as best I can, focus upon their heaviness as little as I can, and to believe deeply I am being led by Source to the things I do want and desire. The less I focus on the icky condition, the less energy it gets, and the less space it takes up in my experience. 

Source is always whispering in our ear, dropping hints, giving us signs. The clues will appear and we will know them by our feeling response. We can get in that noticing, listening place by quieting our minds and focusing our scattered thoughts upon things that make us feel better. Discomfort we may feel is from missing something Source is trying to tell us. Some things may not appear as something we label as desirable while we are being led along our path. They may appear funky and out of the blue and yucky on the surface. Trusting all is working out and venturing anyway into what seems like a chasm into the unknown can be so challenging. It comes down to trust. It is about trusting myself to hear and see the clues. Trusting they will be there and I will see them. Trusting all is well all the time. Trusting there really is nothing to fear.

I plan to focus on the wonderful today and ignore the rest. Wanna join me?

About Tammy: Tammy is a Manifesting & Self-Love Coach who helps others feel their way to a joyous life. She lives in Upstate New York and is mom to one incredible human teenager and a handful of delightful furry people as well.  he has been a spiritual seeker for a lifetime and has been studying and practicing the Law of Attraction for over 10 years, finding it an empowering & liberating tool for self-growth and self-actualization.



"Shamanic Musings" from The Backyard ShaWoman by Rev. Maryanna Mueller



Spirit & Crystal Connections' Healing Circle

Creating Wholeness with EFT  By Tom Porpiglia, MS, LMHC, DCEP, EFT-ADV, EAS-C, DCC

​EFT is a versatile technique.  It can be adapted to each individual and each situation, and it is easily adaptable to any therapeutic intervention a practitioner is using.  As I became more skilled and confident using EFT, I found myself combining tapping with the other techniques I learned and used in therapy, without giving it a second thought.  EFT made each of the techniques more effective.

The goal of any therapeutic process, in my mind, is healing literally meaning to make whole and return to the original functionality.  Healing, according to Wikipedia, is “the process of the restoration of health from an unbalanced, diseased, or damaged organism”.  Typically, one applies this to physical health.  However, it is also very true about mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being where there typically is “dis-ease” rather than disease, although the medical community makes no distinction between the two.  Therapy, therefore, is a process of restoring a healthy, natural state of mind and being by alleviating the “dis-ease” of the mind; a return to wholeness and EFT facilitates and accelerates that process.

Recently I was in a meeting and one of the people speaking was talking about pushing away undesirable parts of self so that their true self could be present.  This is a gross error and misconception of what needs to happen.  Pushing away these parts does not create wholeness.  It enhances the existing separation and fragmentation, actually creating more problems.

One thing that is true with humans is that we all have “parts” or “aspects” of self that may be causing internal conflict or distress.  There is an internal tug of war.  When this exists, there is a sense of fragmentation to some degree or other.  The fragmentation is on a continuum of very mild to extreme situations, and the closer the parts are to the extreme on the continuum, the more rigid, strict, black and white, right or wrong they are. 

The extreme form of this, formerly known as multiple personality disorder, is now known as dissociative identity disorder.  The extreme is rare and typically, the more traumas a person has experienced, especially during the very early years, the more extreme the manifestation of the phenomenon.  The few cases I have seen of the extreme typically involved ritualistic or sexual abuse at ages under 5, however, I will not rule out other possibilities.  The poorly developed human psyche fragments to contain different aspects of the traumas to avoid over whelm and annihilation.  It is strictly a survival mechanism.

Since we all have part, how do I know if someone has parts that are causing issues?  I just listen.  The client will say something like “a part of me wants this and a part of me wants something different”, making it difficult to make a decision.  Alternatively, they will tell me there is an argument going on inside of them.  Additionally, procrastination and self-sabotage could be an indication of internal parts conflict.

Transaction Analysis (Eric Berne) refers to parts as ego-states, and defines 3 major ego-states; Parent, Adult, and Child.  Within the Parent ego-state is the Critical Parent and the Nurturing Parent.  The Child ego-state contains the Natural/Free Child and the Adapted Child.  Each ego-state, except the Adult, which is logical and without emotion (think Mr. Spock or a computer: data in and data out), contains beliefs, decisions, and rules about life.  Some of the information is accurate and helpful and some is not.  It becomes my job to help sort out and dispense with the incorrect beliefs and information using EFT, and believe me, there are a lot of them.

Internal Family Systems (IFS/Richard Schwartz) defines Exiles, Firefighters, and Managers.  Firefighters and Managers are Protectors and the purpose of the Protector is obvious from the title; they exist to protect the Exiles and all of the feelings and unpleasant experiences contained in them.  In most cases, it is undesirable to access the Exiles and their memories and feelings, and to experience them and feel them.  Typically, I have to use EFT on the protectors so that there is less resistance and more safety to accessing the Exiles for final resolution of the issues.  Again, these parts exist to protect the whole and are full of misguided beliefs.

At times, the activities of these parts could become extreme and greatly interfere with life.  Typically, a person is not aware of the “part” just the effect of the part and how life is unpleasant because of that unwanted behavior.  The work during session is then to make contact with the part, find out what it’s “job” is, what it is protecting, what it’s fear is and if it would like a new job, an easier, more pleasant job, one of its choosing. 

The fear usually is that if it quits doing its job, there will no longer be a need for it and therefore have no purpose so it will cease to exist.  The task now is to apply EFT to the fear(s) and other barriers to stopping the errant behavior and eliminate unnecessary, untrue beliefs so that the part can assume the new job and peace and calm restored.  As the part heals, it also integrates into the person moving them closer to being whole and complete instead of fragmented and full of conflicts.

What do I find in there?  There are 5 major categories of issues besides the fear that show up:

It’s not safe to change
It’s not possible to change
I do not deserve to change or am worthy of it.
I will lose my identity if I change.  Identity is wrapped up in the “doing”
I just do not want to change (could be related to any of the above).

While this process can be slow, utilizing EFT in the process speeds it up and it is amazing to watch and to hear how much hidden information shows up as we tap through layers of traumas, beliefs and other painful memories.  The outcome, though, is worth the time spent and is one of the more rewarding processes that I weave EFT into, and because of using EFT with this process, healing and wholeness occurs faster, easier and more completely than traditional methods can achieve in the same amount of time.
About Tom: I am the founder and sole Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) at Life Script Mental Health Counseling Services.   My goal is to provide a unique and different approach to Mental Health Counseling by incorporating holistic approaches to healing that quickly provide you relief from distressing life issues by using highly effective Energy Psychology Techniques.  For more information about his services, visit his web site, or contact him via email at or by phone at 585-704-0376.

Intimacy from a Non-local Perspective

Most conventional aggregations of thought may define intimacy as a measured state of being reserved for the few who have garnered our trust over a time- period. We reveal ourselves-our vulnerabilities, passions, preferences and heart and soul perhaps only with a lover- or one or two special friends. We feel we know them and they know us. This seems to be an efficient way of communicating deeply with an Other without a judgment or our own judgement (of ourselves projected outwardly) being experienced and suffered through. Mums the word until I have a full sense of who you are and what you stand for and are capable of. This seems to be wise considering the extreme polarity we are all experiencing and witnessing. Usually though we then get a big unpleasant surprise from those who we thought we knew. This of course can be a perfect opportunity to grow.

There is a view that is occurring to some that allows for intimacy in non- conventional situations. It is based on a deep and personal intimacy with Self. Awareness of the more expanded aspects of the entity we inhabit allows for a freedom of expression that is felt as very liberating. It may be based on an awareness of connectivity with every being and event that we may encounter. There can be great wisdom in assuming we are already protected or even have no need of protection due to our eternal nature. It can allow one to relax and surrender to a harmony and synchronicity that may not be as available as when we enter “special” relationships that need to be tended and defended.

We try to connect. An example of no need for boundaries occurs when a group of people experience a natural disaster like a tornado. Suddenly we come together as One for a common goal to aid and assist those who need help. We love to join sporting games as participants or fans. As long as we are on the same team we have an assumed intimacy-as least for the duration of the game. We buy shirts and hats to announce to the world our affiliation and feel good when we encounter others of our same affiliation. We fly flags of our country or identify with groups of people choosing or needing certain food restrictions or we associate with those of the same religious beliefs. We find our people! Even though this may be a pseudo joining of hearts and minds, there is an underlying drive to disavow separation and reconnect with Unity or One. Not an easy task in a world of duality and separation and for some loneliness.

How then to proceed to a self- sustaining sense of harmony and peace without the falling out or breaking off to a new faction that generally occurs in pseudo connections? I feel a lot of unity experiences are based on our level of relaxation and awareness of the bigger picture that is possible. Taking the non- local or hawks eye view of our situations and emotions allows for a love of Self that approaches or embodies unconditional love. Once the impetus to experience unconditional love of Self is asserted and intentioned a shift of vibration in the body may be noticed. Focusing on this vibration allows much of duality to take a back seat if not fall away entirely. The wholeness already present is free to express through us. The stranger in the bus is no longer strange. The bus itself is experienced intimately. There is a peaceful free flow of information in all we encounter. Wisdom in communication occurs naturally. The good news is we all get there. The amount of suffering we experience en route may be commensurate with the amount of time we spend in the trenches of 3d reality compared to the relaxing and allowing of the highest good to reveal itself. I personally am dialing in and out between these two experiences of identifying with 3d reality and awareness of freedom. I much prefer the freedom.

About Christine: Hypnotherapist, International Association of Counselors and Therapists, Reconnective Energy Healer, Past Life Regression, Body Wisdom, Shamanic Healing

January 4, 2017 

Every new day is a new beginning.  Abraham Hicks says that every day we get to hit the reset button.  I believe we are continually hitting the reset button with every decision and every choice we make.  Every decision and every choice changes something in our lives, changes a plan and sometimes even changes destiny.

There are so many paths, options and choices to take and make.  When I think about the decision and choices, it is very easy to be concerned about making a mistake.  No one wants to intentional get it wrong.  But is there such a thing as getting it wrong if that choice is an option.  I’m not sure you can get it wrong.  What is a wrong choice anyway?  If it is a wrong choice, then why would it be there as a choice? What cruelty then would have been placed upon humanity by the Creator to stack the deck against us? I cannot bring my beliefs to accept the thought that a God of love sets traps and land-mines to cause failure.

 I believe each choice to be a different path and another road to get to the ultimate destination.  Often in my travels when taking a driving trip, I have looked at maps to decide which highways I was going to take to my desired destination.  I always had multiple options.

 I recall one trip I took to Virginia Beach when I lived in Pittsburgh.  On the return trip, I revisited the map looking for a shorter and faster way home.  The highway on the map looked like the straightest route and most direct route back.  The beginning of that return trip was very smooth and straight.  I was making excellent time.  In fact, I seemed to be making record time.  However, I had no idea what laid ahead of me on this return trip.  I had studied the map but overlooked a very crucial aspect on the map.

I came to one little town on the map in West Virginia and we stopped to get some food and gassed up the car.  What lay before me on the outskirts of that town should have had a warning sign that said Appalachian Mountains ahead.  There was no way one could know or perceive this driving experience prior to actually having it. It was the most challenging drive I'd ever had or have had since. All of this driving experience happened at night with one mountain curve and turn, up one side and down the other.  However, once through the mountains, it was the best road ever for the rest of the journey.

I don’t think I would have made that choice had I known what I would have to face on that journey.  I would have gladly taken the longer way back home.  As I look back at it now, was it a wrong choice for me?  Was it a mistake to take that way home?  Having to travel a rough road doesn’t make it a wrong choice.  It was an option that presented me with a challenge.  I still made it home.  I achieved the intended results which were to reach my destination.

How did that choice change anything for me?  It gave me a mountain drive experience I did not expect to have.  It helped me to understand that mountainous roads on a map are going to be very different in reality.  By me sharing my driving story with others,  others have learned to make other choices, or not, depending on what they desire to experience.  That trip gave me stronger resolve in my driving experiences.  I felt that I could drive anywhere through varied conditions after that.  The experience made me stronger.

I learned from that choice that every decision and choice is just that, a decision and a choice.  Whether it is a right or wrong choice depends on how I want to look at it.  Either way, a decision had to be made to get where I was going.  I always had options on that journey to readjust and choose a different route. I believe we always have options.  We come to these crossroads where we may have to revisit the map and decide if we want to change or readjust the option and try another road.

I have changed my mind more than once in the middle of a trip to try a different route, hoping it would lead me to my destination in less time.  Sometimes I changed the route to have a specific experience, see a specific site, visit a specific city, and even to avoid traffic.  Every change in choice was like hitting the reset button, with constant changes along my journey.  Each reset is a new experience.

Now as I look back over my life, I realize that my journey has been on what looked like constant resets.  There is no way I could have planned all of the choices I made.  My resets, set-backs, set-ups have been too many to count.  The roads I have traveled have had roadblocks and detours.  I have had to cross rivers and climb mountains.  I have had sunshine and rain, wash-outs and gravel roads.  There were warning signs I took under advisement and some I totally ignored.  These roads were options, but I could not know what lay before me until I made the choice to travel that way.

Today, I have once again options to choose which path I will take.  After my past experiences, I am at peace with whatever road I have the option to take. I don’t think of my choices as good or bad, right or wrong.  I know that I will reach the destination before me.  We all would prefer to smooth road, beautiful views and vistas, with all of the conveniences we desire.

When I look back on my experiences, I am grateful for the roads I have had the options to travel.  They truly were my options.  I chose each road I traveled.  I created each experience by each choice I made.  Each choice has led me here, to this new road, setting off on another journey, making a new choice to find what I somehow missed on the other life journeys I took.

I have traveled much and I have learned much along the way.  The one trip that I failed to take is the one I now take.  I want to find the one that I didn’t take the time to know, to love, or to understand as I should have.  I want to go back and pick up her broken dreams and lost hopes.  I want to dig deep and root out her fears.  I want to honor her and give her the personal recognition I have never given her before.  I want to help her become her best authentic self.

So today, once again, I am hitting the reset button.

Love, Rebecca

About Rebecca: I am Rebecca Washington. I have not always appreciated myself, my gifts, talents, intellect, internal or external beauty that I possess. The lack of appreciation and acknowledgement has been reflected in how I think the world sees me. But the world can only see what I show it and allow it to see. 

Casting all of that behind me, I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world; your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart. All of these elements brought me to this:  "Love, Rebecca."




The Real Truth About Judgment

Judgment only legitimately exists in the wake of real resolution.  It involves a decision from understanding what is true by the part of us I call the freed inner observer.

Otherwise judgment is the ego's attempt to come up with an answer when there isn't any.  When judgment occurs in this way, it always reflects faulty belief systems that are created to impossibly manage unhealed emotional woundedness from past trauma.

False Judgment Comes from An Overriding Stress Response

I call this "the script" which is our ego's attempt to overcome a perceived threat to its survival.  This reflects our response to stress, which mobilizes and forces our entire being to only act on one of three choices - fight, flight or freeze.

The script holds, actually, what must be addressed, meaning fully - spiritually as well as emotionally faced and freely expressed.  We heal the scripted judgments, which always form the foundation of scripts, when we find courage at our core to listen unconditionally and simply to how we feel in the moment our "buttons are being pushed".

The Healed Codependent is the Freed Inner Observer

Notice I didn't say in those moments we have to "figure it out", analyze what is going on, fix/manage "it", or be informed before we face what will happen throughout the experience.  None of these approaches are possible, and its worth noting that they (not by accident) form the symptoms for codependency.

The inner observer looks with her gut and her heart, as well as her freed mind - by that I mean with no judgment - at what s actually going on outside and inside her, and through the process which naturally and organically unfolds, receives answers to the questions who, what, where, when, why and how.  Those unfolding answers lead us to full understanding, which in turn bring us to accept what's real - how I define the last stage of grief.

Answer These Key Questions to Expose Faulty Belief Systems and Their Dysfunctional Judgments

How can you uncover core faulty belief systems?  Here are some of the key questions I've developed through my Centering Tools practice that can also identify what gets in the way of real resolution and accompanying judgment - which is a real call to just action, as well as produces extended self-healing, empowerment and development!  Settle back into a relaxed, reflective and meditative state and record your answers:

What am I afraid might happen if I do what I truly believe in my heart is right?
What should I do?
What will ________________ think of me if I do what I want to do?
What outcomes am I most afraid of? 
What did who I was most afraid of as a child tell me I should never do because something bad will happen?
What makes me feel most powerless?
What was I most afraid of when I was younger?
What am I most afraid of now?
What do I feel I must, no matter what, always avoid?
If I wasn't afraid ______________ would happen, what would I do?
What do I believe is really wrong/bad about me? 

Your Script and Its Judgments Revealed

Your answers are your faulty beliefs and judgments that not only project as a false identity onto you, they force corresponding action that creates and perpetuates conflict, stress, power struggles and ongoing powerlessness, and poor outcomes.  We really can't tolerate those results, but if we refuse to face our true feelings and what is actually real, we end up instead creating a delusional "container" which will be some version of a predetermined "Other", who in that delusion, personifies all the faulty judgments.

Judgment in these terms, of course, becomes blame.  Once that takes root, what follows is justification to "fight, flight, freeze" The Other, which grabs one's core energy and directs it outside of the Self, where the resultant sense of loss produces an impulse to dominate, destroy, violate or escape from The Other.

We see this well and most unfortunately played out, then, through all kinds of related unsolved crises, both personally and in our troubled, dysfunctional times. 

Here's How to Create a Miracle Resolution and True Justice for Yourself and Others

Go back to your original answers to questions 1-11 above.  Carefully rewrite each answer as its exact opposite, beginning each with the exact opposite of the corresponding question (for example, for question #1 you could say "What I am most afraid might happen if I don't do what I truly believe in my heart is right is. . .")

How do you feel, and consider the difference from how you felt when you first answered the questions.  You have just written a unique, specifically directed for you call to action and commitment for self-healing, empowerment and development that restores justice as it most quickly brings you to real resolution, higher understanding and creating your experience in alignment with spiritual law.

About Marjorie: Marjorie Baker Price, RN, Certified Hypnotherapist and Level III Reiki Master, is a psychiatric nurse with over 9 years of experience at the University of Rochester Medical Center Strong Memorial Hospital specializing in behavioral inpatient, community mental health, chronic care and emergency psychiatric care. In addition, she has developed stress management and recovery programs for a new outpatient alcoholism treatment center. She has taught at the State University of New York College at Brockport School of Nursing, Nazareth College Center for Lifelong Learning and St. John Fisher College community education center.

She has authored a nationally acclaimed series of audio guided meditation and self-hypnosis recordings as well as several related books and self-study courses. She is a featured columnist with Nature's Wisdom magazine on counseling and integrated health topics. Marjorie presents numerous related workshops nationwide on self-healing, wellness, recovery therapies, goal achievement, creative expression and empowerment, as well as counseling and consulting for individuals and small groups. She is a sought after public speaker and frequently makes appearances nationally on radio and television.

Majestic Colors Of Spring-

Warmth embraces nature once more,

awakening our taste for love.

And with spring’s subtle smells hearts soar,

like the leaves on the trees above.


Flowers blossom into the bright,

rich, majestic colors of spring.

And purple, yellow, red and white

inspire cheerful songbirds to sing.


Gathering canes of wild roses,

we weave wreaths to hang on each door.

And girls hold sensual poses,

as the boys beg for even more.


These fun sounds of laugher and play,

were once heard every first of May.

Copyright © Emile Pinet

​Spring, The Fair Maiden, is unfolding all around us.  I just got off the phone with The Tree Whisperers, Dr. Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander.  We brought them here in 2012 to teach how we can help trees heal and thrive.  That was the year the Emerald Ash Borer was on TV, alarming us that they it was killing our majestic soulmates.  I had attended The Tree Whisperers’ workshop at Gossamer Woods, Bill Dewey’s place in Canandaigua, the year before and was moved to tears at how caring and sensitive they are to the plant kingdom!

Dr. Jim and Basia will be teaching at Omega here in New York State the first part of June, so if you want a world-class experience and education, go there!  It’s a wonderful campus, wooded and secluded with internationally known faculty from around the world.  Jim and Basia explained to me this morning that they are trimming down on teaching gigs so that they can travel to state and national forests to treat the trees.  The trees have been communicating that they are in trouble, planet-wide.  Jim can now address vast stands of trees with his whispering techniques and bring healing throughout the nation.

What can we do to partner with this work?  You can buy their books at and that will send you to the plant kingdom site to order the books and workbooks for yourself, family, friends, schools, churches, community groups.  You can send healing and Reiki, Quantum Touch or just plain ole blessings to trees, when you think of trees, trees in your neighborhood, the redwood forests, the sequoias, the trees in every country, and the plants that are their neighbors.  You can sit under a tree and write a poem, hug it, watch the movie, “Intelligent Trees” by Peter Wollhben and Suzanne Simard (at my house or I could bring to your group, or order on Amazon Smile where your pennies get donated to any charity). Spend a few minutes or hours with trees.  Make tree paintings or sculptures, add tree motifs to your ceramics, crafts, jewelry; the visual image is powerful!

Besides our yards, we are so fortunate here in Monroe County to have so many parks and garden clubs, the master gardeners from Cornell tend to our parks!  Durand-Eastman is brimming with blossoms, Mendon Ponds Park, Tinker Nature Center are some of my favorite haunts.  Highland Park offers our great magnolias with daffodils breezily blowing, fragrant lilacs, magnificent azaleas and rhododendrons!  We have a canyon of “rhodos” on the path in back of the hill. I like to visit a park or two each week of my life, as being with Nature is so very healing, makes me feel safe and whole not frazzled,  connected to Mother Earth, Pachamama.  I’d easily live in the park if I could!

Revive yourself and your surroundings now in 2017.  Step out with family and friends or enjoy the solitude of personal quiet away from our too-busy lifestyles.  Breathe with the trees, tell them you love them and thank them.  Learn all you can about our natural world and do what you can to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Let us live in gratitude as conscious stewards of all life, and grow ourselves into being the best beings we can be.

Gratefully yours,

The Backyard Shawoman
About Maryanna: I have been practicing Shamanism for the past ten years, known as The Backyard ShaWoman, I integrates the works of Jim Pathfinder Ewing, Sandra Ingerman, Peruvian Shamanism (Villoldo), and Stephen Farmer. I teach classes in Shamanic Reiki Certification, Shamanism, and visual arts.  For me Shamanism has become a mode of living; it can quickly clear genetic blueprints that traditional Western modalities may not and teaches us to live in harmony with all; All is Sacred.