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BY MARJORIE BAKER PRICE   ​                                               






​Your I AM Presence has magnetized this information into your sphere of awareness because of who you are and why you are on Earth during this auspicious time. The information that is being shared with you today from the Company of Heaven is something you are very aware of on a higher level of consciousness, but that you may not have been able to remember in this dense physical plane. The Divine Intent of this sharing is to remind you that the time for you to fulfill your purpose and reason for being on Earth is NOW. 

What is occurring in the Government of the United States of America and the Governments throughout the World during this Cosmic Moment is a greatly intensified purging that is pushing Humanity’s miscreations to the surface in a way that cannot be ignored. This is occurring in this uncomfortable way in order to motivate you and me and the rest of Awakening Humanity into action. This is a critical step in clearing the way for the global events that will take place during the August Eclipse series. The Beings of Light want all of us to know this Truth, because they are very aware of how difficult the challenges are that Humanity is facing on a daily basis. 

 We all knew it was going to be like this when we volunteered to embody on Earth during this unparalleled time. We agreed to come in spite of how daunting it might be because we knew we had all of the skill, knowledge, strength, courage and willingness necessary to succeed in this monumental mission. As a word of encouragement, we are being reminded that for every person who was granted permission to embody on Earth at this time there were thousands more who were turned away. That is not because we are better or more Enlightened than anyone else. It is because our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven felt that because of our past life experiences we had a better chance of Awakening and staying focused on the Light in face of the adversity we were destined to encounter. 

When we observe what is taking place in the outer world it is obvious that something big, but very confusing, is happening. There are two statements in the Bible that describe what we are experiencing, one is, “This is the time of screaming and the gnashing of teeth”, and the other is, “All that is hidden must now be revealed”. 

The reason this is referred to as “The time of screaming and the gnashing of teeth”, is because when we look at the outer world we can easily see the horrific negativity being pushed to the surface to be healed and transmuted back into Light, which creates the illusion that things are getting worse. But what we cannot see as easily is the incredible Light of God that is pushing those negative things to the surface.

The second statement, “All that is hidden must now be revealed”, is also the result of God’s Light pushing everything to the surface. This statement involves not only pushing to the surface the greed, corruption and abuse of power that has been manipulating Humanity at a clandestine level since our fall from Grace, it also involves revealing the profound Truth of who we are as Sons and Daughters of God. This influx of God’s Light is helping our I AM Presence push to the surface of our conscious mind the memory of why we are on Earth during this particular time. It is also revealing what we have volunteered to do to assist this planet and ALL her Life to Ascend up the Spiral of Evolution into the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the New Earth. Earth’s Ascension will victoriously fulfill the next phase of our evolutionary journey back to the Heart of our Father-Mother God. 

Your I AM Presence wants you to know that you have been preparing for lifetimes for this moment on Planet Earth. That is true in spite of how overwhelmed, or how hopeless, or how inadequate or powerless you may feel due to the things you are witnessing and experiencing. Those thoughts and fear-based emotions are just residual memories from your human ego that are recorded in your Etheric Body. You are powerful beyond your knowing, and your I AM Presence is standing in readiness, awaiting the opportunity to reveal to you your facet of this unprecedented Divine Plan. 

Your I AM Presence is the ONLY one who can accurately reveal to you what your purpose is and what you have volunteered to accomplish in this lifetime. So center yourself every day, and ask your I AM Presence to guide you unerringly to fulfill your highest Divine Potential with every thought, feeling, word and action you express. Then, pay attention. 

Nothing in your life is happening by accident. Every single thing that enters your sphere of awareness is part of your Divine Plan. Be consciously aware that every moment, of every day, with every breath you take, you are being given the opportunity to fulfill your PURPOSE and REASON for BEING on Earth by adding to the Light of the World. Your I AM Presence knows exactly how to do this, so be open and receptive to that intuitive inner guidance moment to moment. 


       The Company of Heaven is asking ALL of us to do our very best to not get emotionally caught up in the horrific things that we are witnessing in the outer world. By staying focused on our I AM Presence and giving this aspect of our own Divinity dominion of our thoughts and feelings, we can absolutely be “IN THE WORLD, BUT NOT OF IT”, From this level of Divine Consciousness, we can invoke the Light of God in monumentally powerful ways. 

       The Company of Heaven is asking for our assistance in transmuting the negativity that is surfacing now. As you know, because of our free will in order for something to manifest in the physical plane the call for assistance must be made by someone abiding in the physical plane. So listen to your heart and if you resonate with this important facet of Earth’s unfolding Divine Plan please utilize this invocation that Saint Germain has given to us at this time. We are all being asked to invoke the Violet Flame as often as our I AM Presence guides us to. Thank you for your willingness to add to the Light of the World in this powerful way. 


I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with my Father-Mother God and the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. As One Energy, Vibration, and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love I invoke the most intensified frequencies of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection that Cosmic Law will allow. 

Saint Germain and your Legions of Violet Fire Angels, I ask that you blaze this Violet Flame with the power and might of a thousand Suns in, through, and around every person, place, condition and thing associated with the Government of the United States of America and every Government around the World. Transmute back into Light every thought, feeling, word, action, memory and belief that any person associated with the Governments of the World has ever expressed in any time frame or dimension that is less than the perfection of Divine Government.  Fill the heart and mind of each person with the sacred knowledge that Divine Government is a government OF the I AM Presence, BY the I AM Presence, FOR the I AM Presence. It is a government based in Divine Love, Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life. 

I accept and KNOW that the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection is increasing daily and hourly, moment by moment, with every Breath I take.   

And so it is! Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM That I AM. 

​About Patricia: Patricia is co-founder and president of the nonprofit, educational organization New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, which sponsors the Annual World Congress On Illumination.  Patricia was a marriage and family counselor for 20 years. She now spends her time freely sharing the information she is receiving from the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth.  Patricia is an internationally known teacher and author who has taught workshops in 20 countries, and offered FREE Seminars in her hometown of Tucson, Arizona and throughout the USA for the past 33 years. She has written 11 books and produced CDs, DVD's, webinars, teleconferences, a weekly radio program, a free monthly email newsletter, global meditations, and YouTube presentations, all of which are designed to help Humanity add to the Light of the world. 

by Patricia Cota-Robles

​Spiritual Guides

Who are they, what do they do?
Where do they come from, are they for me and you?
What do they look like, how do they sound?
Where do you keep them, where are they found? 

Can you hear them, see them, touch them
How long do they stay?
Maybe a year, a week or just even a day 

Questions you ask of them you see
They are here to help us you and me
To guide and love us through all our years
Keeping away darkness and negative fears 

But to find one yourself there's little to do
Just relax and listen to the true you
The little word or thought in your head
Is it a guide or something you read 

My guess is with little effort and care
Your going on a journey so be prepared
To a wonderful place that's hard to have foreseen
Where your guides are and have always been 

Talk to them and listen with ease
To what they say you will be pleased
So now you know your questions fulfilled
Because you took the time your mind you stilled
It doesn't take much, just a few minutes a day
To meet your guides who have something to say
Words of great wisdom given with love
To spread round the world from up above

© Terrie Brushette
Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/finding-your-spiritual-guides 

  • Welcome to Mystic Musings with Tobie Hewitt20:51

Healing can take time. Nature does not rush this kind of mending process. It takes so much time because we are not just healing our own wounds. We are healing the world’s wounds, too. We are healing our past, which manifests in our present and creates our future. We heal how we see the world and how the world sees us. We think we are alone with our ‘stuff’, but we aren’t. With every clearing of our emotional debris, with every foray into a healthier way of being, with every excavation and release of old material, we heal the collective heart too. So many of our familial and karmic ancestors had little opportunity to heal their pains. When we heal, their spirits breathe a sigh of relief. Our past is healed. Our future is healed. And we can live more consciously and thoughtfully in the present. Aesop once said, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Every bit of love and tenderness we offer our pain benefits everything and everyone. As we heal, we all heal, together.

About Tammy: Tammy is a Manifesting & Self-Love Coach who helps others feel their way to a joyous life. She lives in Upstate New York and is mom to one incredible human teenager and a handful of delightful furry people as well.  he has been a spiritual seeker for a lifetime and has been studying and practicing the Law of Attraction for over 10 years, finding it an empowering & liberating tool for self-growth and self-actualization.

​Space Rocks

This month I will cover Meteorite, black and brown Tektite, and Moldavite, because all of these rocks are similar in their energies.

Meteorites are bits of an actual meteor that has crashed to the earth and cooled. Some of these fragments are thousands, or even millions of years old.  Others are quite recent. Meteorites are heavy rocks containing iron and/or nickel, and rarely, beautiful crystals of olivine.

Tektites are different from meteorites.  They are the resulting material from a meteor that has heated up and fused with the native rocks upon impact. Tektites are glassy and usually black, dark brown, or green in appearance. Moldavite is a particular form of tektite that is an extremely bright, dark, lusterous and gemmy green. It is highly prized as a gem and is expensive. Moldavite only comes from one particular meteor hit about 14-15 million years ago in what is now present day Bavaria. Moldavite can be found all around that area, especially the Czech Republic. 

All of the varieties of space rock bring to meditation a certain awareness of the Earth’s Place in the Universe, its shocking significance and insignificance, its incredible minutia and massiveness.  Meteorites, tektites and moldavites help to strengthen the bond between the inner space of the mind and the outer space of the universe. They are odd rocks, both intensely high -frequency yet strangely “heavy”. The energy is very strong and most people can feel a connection with very little direction or focus. Space rocks can also help to strengthen our telepathic abilities with sentient beings both on this world and those from other planets. Tektites, especially moldavites, are particularly good for both initiating and strengthening communication and telepathic abilities between intelligent beings. 

I find space rocks to be useful for philosophers, teacher, artists and creative types. Also scientists, paranormal investigators, ghost-hunters, alien-enthusiasts, or anyone else who works with the mysteries of the natural world seem to work well with these rocks. I have, however, seen more that a few negative reactions from professional Astrologers, Tarot Readers, and other intuitives.  I suspect that those who spend much of their life tapping into deep psychic forces need grounding stones to help balance that energy.  Moldavite especially can send their heads spinning! Space rocks tend to have too much high-energy for their comfort.

About Christina: Christina Hall grew up in Henrietta, NY and currently resides in Rochester with her husband and two children. Christina has been collecting minerals since the age of 8, and has been studying the metaphysics of rocks and minerals since she was 12 years old. After a brief time at American University in D.C. to study politics, she came back to her hometown and focused on her first love of mineral collecting and meditation. She is the co-owner of Hall of Gems at 662 Monroe Avenue in Rochester, NY.  You can find many stones for sale at yarsgems@facebook.  She refers to these resources: "Love is in the Earth" by Melody, "Earth Power" by Scott Cunningham, "The Crystal Bible" by Judy Hall, and "Good Magick" by Marina Medici.

Here's a little back ground on the Ascended Masters, in case you're not familiar. The article below provided by Patricia Cota-Robles refers to them.  One she refers to a lot is St. Germain and the Violet Flame associated with him.


An Ascended Master is a Being, who through their own endeavors and hard work have paid all their karma, left the cycle of rebirth and attained Mastery over themselves.

An Ascended Master is a Being of Light who is not in body. An Ascended Masters has had many lives in a physical body, just like you – and through these lives and their own freewill and hard work have raised their vibration and consciousness to such a state as to have cleared all their karma and dross from their chakras and bodies. The Ascended Master is not the past life person, it is not the lower-self person who ascended, in truth the Ascended Master is the Higher Self of the person who strive to ascend. So when you call on Jesus, you are calling on the past life persona of the person who ascended to and surrendered to his Higher Self. It is not the persona of Jesus that responds rather it is the Higher Self of Jesus that responds.

We all have a Higher Self and all the Higher selves of those striving to ascend are Masters in waiting. All Higher Selves are great Beings who continually strive to become a Being of total purity and Light, they continually work on their own ascension process.

There are many Ascended Masters, some recent and others ancient, some who’s names we recognize and some names aren’t in our conscious awareness – some so old they are mythical to us now. Regardless of who they were in their countless past lives, they are returning now to help us in our own ascension process – for this is the time for many to ascend. 

You can read more about them on the web.  The pictures below are some of the Ascended Masters and the artist's rendering of what they think the Masters look like. 





Here is a great You Tube with many videos on all types of metaphysical and spiritual topics.  Since our mission to enlighten and inform, we will be posting at least one a month to be sure you have a great background in many aspects of metaphysics and spirituality.  

In this week’s lesson, we take a look at chakras and how your body receives energy. After last week, we got a lot of questions about HOW thought affected you and the world around you. Did you know that your body has a system for this?

Everything is energy and everything vibrates differently depending on the frequency. If you study musical octaves, you see that all of the vibrations in existence have a harmonic pattern that they all flow through. The chakra system works on the same principle. This is how you receive energy from the world around you, the world of thoughts and emotion. The human body is also an emitter of energy through what we call “Aura’s” (Not discussed here, but still very relevant). 

Spirit & Crystal Connections' Healing Circle

I have done a lot work on myself to gain greater clarity.  I have taken inventory and looked more deeply to understand my weaknesses as well as my strengths. It has been important to look within and not to be judgmental of myself.  There is no one person who can be everything and so I can’t expect that of myself. 

I used to be very critical and judgmental of others.  Cultural and self-righteous religious programming taught me to look at others and be critical of their choices if those choices brought negative results to them.  I would be critical if those results were in opposition to what I wanted for myself.  I would be critical if I could not understand why they would even make that choice when it seemed obvious to me that the results would be negative.  Who was I to judge? 

While I was being critical and judgmental toward others, I was making major choices and decisions that brought me shame, embarrassment and guilt.  I became so bogged down in my own messy choices, that  I did not have time to be so critical of others.  The criticism turned inward.  Many of my choices were not only hurtful, embarrassing and shameful to me; they were shameful and also brought heartache to my family. 

I know it is not easy to walk around carrying the weight of guilt and shame.  It is a little easier when the results of your actions can be hidden.  If those actions and decisions directly involve others, you feel the weight of your actions even more.  It gets pretty heavy.  It becomes harder to move forward.  Shame and guilt are not easy to carry; they slow down the progress of your life. 

I believe it is easier to ask others to forgive you than to forgive yourself because you cannot walk away from yourself.  You cannot avoid looking yourself in the mirror every day.  Those results are yours.  You live with them day in and day out.  Those results affect your body, they affect your environment.  They affect the people you live with and are around every day either directly or indirectly.  Whatever affects you, affects those who are close to you. Emotionally they carry your burdens with you. 

I knew I had to do something about my guilt and shame.  Although the answer was simple, I found it hard.  So often during this time, I would ask God for forgiveness.  I would ask my family for forgiveness.  The one person that I failed to ask for forgiveness was me.  I held myself accountable.  I held myself in judgment. I could not move forward without forgiving myself.

When I was able to forgive myself, it gave me a different way of looking at the world and a different view of others.  I began to see me in others.  There is a saying by those who have come to see themselves in others that goes like this:  “But for the grace of God, go I.”  You understand the meaning of this phrase when you have fallen from grace yourself.  You realize that it could easily have been you making that same mistake or choice.   You become more understanding of the plight of others and how easy it is by one choice to fall from grace. 

Putting myself in the place of others, keeps me in a place of forgiveness, tolerance and compassion.  It has been a long hard road from thinking that because of my religious beliefs that I had some inside track to perfection or that I was immune to bad choices.  There is no such thing. But all things work out for good. We just have to look for the good within it.  I believe we sometimes put labels on choices and then pressure ourselves to act or react based upon the labels.  We forgive or not based upon our personal findings and determinations on depth of the errors. 

I also came to realize that when I judged others, I used myself as the basis of that judgement, particularly when I would say, “I would not do that.” I felt the need to minimize judgment when I realized that I was making myself the criteria upon which I judged others.  The truth was and is that I don’t really know what I would do if I was in that other person’s situation.  And based upon my past decisions and choices, I am in no position to cast judgment. 

I want to live in a nonjudgmental space.   I want to allow others to live their lives and make their choices as I make mine.  I want to be forgiving of my fellowman as I would hope to be forgiven.  And then I want to forgive myself and not hold myself or others hostage to guilt and shame.  I want to remind myself that all things will work out for good because there is good in everything, even the perceived bad choices that I have made.  I just have to look for it. 

Love, Rebecca

About Rebecca: I am Rebecca Washington. I have not always appreciated myself, my gifts, talents, intellect, internal or external beauty that I possess. The lack of appreciation and acknowledgement has been reflected in how I think the world sees me. But the world can only see what I show it and allow it to see. 

Casting all of that behind me, I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world; your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart. All of these elements brought me to this:  "Love, Rebecca."

Why do people become empaths? Is it temperament? Genetics? Trauma? Neglectful or supportive parental upbringing? As a psychiatrist and an empath, I’ve seen that the following four main factors (which I expand upon in my bookThe Empath’s Survival Guide) can contribute to heightening one's sensitivities. 

Reason 1. Temperament. Some babies enter the world with more sensitivity than others—an inborn temperament. You can see it when they come out of the womb. They’re much more responsive to light, smells, touch, movement, temperature, and sound. These infants seem to be empaths from the start. 

Reason 2. Genetics. Also, from what I’ve observed with my patients, some forms of sensitivity may be genetically transmitted. Highly sensitive children can come from mothers and fathers with the same inborn traits. Therefore, it is possible that sensitivity can also be genetically transmitted through families.

Reason 3. Trauma. Childhood neglect or abuse can affect your sensitivity levels as an adult. A portion of empaths I’ve treated have experienced early trauma such as emotional or physical abuse, or they were raised by alcoholic, depressed or narcissistic parents. This could potentially wear down the usual healthy defenses that a child with nurturing parents develops. As a result of their upbringing, they typically don’t feel “seen” by their families, and feel invisible in the greater world that doesn’t value sensitivity.

Reason 4. Supportive Parenting. On the other hand, positive parenting can help sensitive children develop and honor their gifts. Parents are powerful role models for all children, especially sensitive ones.

In all cases, however, we empaths haven’t learned to defend against stress in the same way as others do. We’re different in that respect. A noxious stimulus, such as an angry person, crowds, noise, or bright light can agitate us since our threshold for sensory overload is extremely low.

Healing is possible for all sensitive people. Even if you’ve experienced early trauma or have been raised by abusive parents, it’s important that you learn to feel safe enough to embrace your sensitivities now. Part of this involves learning to set healthy boundaries with others and choosing positive people in your circle who can be supportive of your sensitivities. In addition, protection and centering techniques and meditations can help to strengthen your core so you can be both strong and sensitive. In The Empath’s Survival Guide I outline numerous techniques that you can use in your life to feel safe and secure as an empath.

The goal is for empaths to be empowered and use their sensitivities to be loving to themselves, their intimates, and create love in the world.

​About Judith: Judith Orloff, MD is author of The Empath's Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People, upon which her articles are based. Dr. Orloff is a psychiatrist, an empath, and is on the UCLA Psychiatric Clinical Faculty. She synthesizes the pearls of traditional medicine with cutting edge knowledge of intuition, energy, and spirituality. Dr. Orloff also specializes in treating empaths and highly sensitive people in her private practice. To learn more about empaths and her free empath support newsletter as well as Dr. Orloff's books and workshop schedule, visit www.drjudithorloff.com her website.


(Adapted from The Empath’s Survival Guide by Judith Orloff MD) 





​Welcome to Mystic Musings with Tobie Hewitt. I’m Tobie Hewitt and I’m your guide through time and space and all points in between. Mystic Musings will give you insight into who you are, why you are here, how to live an authentic life, and where you fit into the universe around you. Join me on this path of mystical exploration.

Welcome to episode one of ​Mystic Musings. Today I will give you a little background about my mystical journey and how you can begin to join me on this path. You will learn what it is like to be a spiritual girl in a physical world and that you, too, are a spiritual being having a physical experience. 

About Tobie:  Tobie Hewitt has nine books listed on Amazon.com, including Simple Gifts: Living a Spirited Life, which shares what it is like to be a spiritual girl in a physical world. She has dedicated her life to helping others realize that they are spirits, embodied on this earth to learn from the experience, and that they do not need to fear the transition known as death. By spreading this awareness, she hopes to contribute to a more peaceful and cohesive world. You can contact her through her contact page on her website -  www.tobiehewitt.com.


Tammy’s Blog

Vicki Snyder-Young co-owner of the store Spirit & Crystal Connections in Rochester has started a healing group to assist with personal requests.  Every Monday the group gathers to focus the healing energy to the list of names that Vicki has collected.  If you know of someone (humans and animals) who would like to be included on the list or need further details please email - spiritcrystalconnections@gmail.com

My Moving Story of Radical Transformation 

It has been a while since I have posted - about two months, to be exact - in the wake of my first move in 25 years, and to downsize - a very big deal for me leaving the house where I raised my children, where I held my two oldest daughter's engagement parties, baby and bridal showers . . . and had calling hours when my mother and my oldest daughter Anna passed . . .  making the decision to move was both obvious and very, very hard for me.  I did it because I felt I had no choice.  

Moving was also very hard for me, and I had surprisingly (to me) amazing and extensive help in just about every way I needed and beyond.  Now I am really adjusting to where I've landed, also with a lot of wonderful help - a one bedroom apartment coming off of a four bedroom, 2500 square foot house with a quarter acre yard - and I couldn't be happier.  I am happier in some key related was than I have been in my adult life, free, lightened up, resolved, unburdened, with a rooftop terrace and the most wonderful views from my top floor location from Rochester, NY that I have ever seen in a lifetime of residing here. 

The Challenge to Transform of Our Times - and How That Keenly Challenges Us in Our Lives 

Lots of extremes and intensity, like our times, I feel; the challenge of our times affecting us each uniquely and in key ways to support transformation, empowerment, and self-healing . . . all of which takes a lot of work!  None of this is handed to us - we must earn every step of the amazing and unique journey it takes to come to that "pot of gold", which does not include a preceding "rainbow". 

Instead one's life and sense of core wellbeing feels profoundly threatened and actually is at stake.  These are, too, what I call "coming of age" challenges - core opportunities and crises designed to mature and actualize us to take greater responsibility for who and what we really are as we come to know that, and then in radical ways learn to dismantle any faulty belief systems that get in the way. 

Revealing the Root of Codependency, How It Guarantees Failure and Kills Our Souls 

The most common faulty belief system I deal with in my Centering Tools practice is the "good little girl/boy script".  This is the foundation of codependency, a regressed attempt to take care of anybody and everything other than responsibly providing for one's own true well being, and supporting unconditionally one's authentic self.  The abusive dictates of this script include endless people-pleasing, walking on eggshells, blaming a designated Other for all one's troubles ("If only He/She/It would do ______________ everything would be great), endless self-blame and apologizing for one's existence, addiction to delusional perfectionism, passive behavior which always leaks out to include aggressive behavior - including towards oneself, perseverating/obsessing about the future, forcing by any means one can access the designated Other to understand what one decides must be understood, endless expectation with sneaky related demands to achieve these, lack of any wherewithal to be freely present, and a pervasive delusion that one can foretell the future . . . and there's more, but I think I covered more than the highlights! 

This is a tough, mean-spirited, soul-killing script that diminishes whoever becomes caught in it, and casts especially whoever one is closest to in equally diminishing roles (in other words, never as a whole, equal human being with similar imperfections, challenges, gifts, scripts), which sets the stage for never-ceasing conflicts stemming from related and ongoing power struggles.  This is for sure a very stressful way to live one's life, and guaranteed to also kill one's cherished dreams and real capacity to create fulfillment, support the greater good, and freely be present. 

The Real Cure, and What is Required to Access It 

What to do??  First of all, face what's real by facing the results of insisting on "running the script", as I call it, as the primary operative of your emotional life: which are everything fails and falls apart sooner or later.  That acknowledgment allows letting go, which understandably precipitates what is rightfully called a healing crisis, designed to end the dysfunctional behavior and clear the way to recover staying present with what is, as your now-released, authentic self. 

This is a lot to understand, digest, and lay as the real foundation for self-healing, empowerment and development.  It takes a lot of work, and involves facing what is metaphorically called many dragons, which are representations/personifications of unhealed wounds going back to childhood trauma that in turn create core fears.  

How to Achieve Greatness Along with True Resolution, and Resolve Despair 

These journeys understandably in their unfolding, organic stages do not feel safe - but at one's core there is growing realization that they feel right.  All my work is geared to supporting people on these heroic and paradoxically unique journeys that require and engage corresponding and unique new ways of understanding, responding, creating and choosing that we all, in achieving such profound transformation and the better life it produces, end up feeling rightly and immensely proud of ourselves for.  

We love nothing better than feeling proud of what we've created in larger becoming, and all the wonderful and life-changing results that produces!  Like the representational heroic characters in The Wizard of Oz, the required elements to succeed and overcome are the innocence and revealed woundedness of a child, the limits of courage that can only come from accessing the furthest corners of core fears, the facing of a broken heart and the empty loss it brings, and the humble, emerging wisdom that explodes when one admits one's basic foolishness. 

The Key Role Desperation Plays in Recovery, Self-Healing and Actualization 

We take these journeys through all our "coming of age" life challenges.  That was my "moving" story, which I think allows and provides me with a deep level of compassion and understanding to whoever comes to see me searching for resolution and transformation, always initially beyond knowing; instead driven by an inconsolable and desperate need for change and unwillingness to continue staying the same in a life that can't and therefore doesn't work. 

These are amazing journeys of discovery that include realizing, like the revealing of the Wizard of Oz, much is the opposite of how it's presented or appears.  There is always great and healing release as these outcomes occur, which I believe in many key and peaking ways currently describes and defines the real challenges of our times. 

How We Are In Turn Free to Support the Greater Good and Create a Better World 

As we solve our own problems, we turn naturally to support the greater good, with earned wherewithal to solve problems around us, which brings tremendous, very helpful impact.  Such are the expanding circles of achieving true Centering, which then becomes a much wider offering, and win-win outcomes. 

It goes without saying through these realizations any designated "other" evaporates and, as multidimensional spiritual beings of activating consciousness - each with our own unique and equal place of belonging as free, authentic, creating selves seeking to contribute in fulfilling ways to both provide for ourselves and share in the world - we restore balance, like the Star Wars myth, and honor the divine "force" that is our soul's core.  That becomes peace on earth, good will, and safety and prosperity that works for all.

​About Marjorie: Marjorie Baker Price, RN, Certified Hypnotherapist and Level III Reiki Master, is a psychiatric nurse with over 9 years of experience at the University of Rochester Medical Center Strong Memorial Hospital specializing in behavioral inpatient, community mental health, chronic care and emergency psychiatric care. In addition, she has developed stress management and recovery programs for a new outpatient alcoholism treatment center. She has taught at the State University of New York College at Brockport School of Nursing, Nazareth College Center for Lifelong Learning and St. John Fisher College community education center.

She has authored a nationally acclaimed series of audio guided meditation and self-hypnosis recordings as well as several related books and self-study courses. She is a featured columnist with Nature's Wisdom magazine on counseling and integrated health topics. Marjorie presents numerous related workshops nationwide on self-healing, wellness, recovery therapies, goal achievement, creative expression and empowerment, as well as counseling and consulting for individuals and small groups. She is a sought after public speaker and frequently makes appearances nationally on radio and television.

Are There Angels

Are there angels here beside us as we journey life's winding road,
Sent from heaven here to guide us along
future paths unknown? 

I saw an angel in my dream with an
iridescent smile,
raven hair, delicate wings and a
warm angelic style.
She bore a sweet resemblance to
someone I used to know,
but the era had lapsed, long since passed, for the winds of time do blow.
She told me of a heavenly land, a
paradise she claimed,
that awaits the souls of everyone who
worships God's name.
She showed me living waters baring
life of endless flow,
unconditional love for our master above
a place where streets are paved in gold.
And when my dream came to an end she
kissed me tenderly,
whispered we'll soon meet again when
God feels it's meant to be.

In the morning I awakened to the
dawning of the day,
with my spirit a glow for I'd been
kissed by a rose,
in this dream I'll cherish till my
dying day. 

Yes angels walk beside us however
unbelievable it seems,
sent from heaven here to guide us
even in our dreams. 
© Kathy J Parenteau
Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/are-there-angels 



It was said that I was a contented baby. I feel like my life has been through many twists and turns and now I am back to that contented feeling again. Perhaps as a baby I knew where I would return- to the land of contentment. 

I have shelter and money-just enough for my needs. I have family-just the right amount of amazing people. I have my health with just enough health problems to keep me grateful for my good health. I have psychic abilities-just enough to guide my way. 

I have friends-just enough people to play with. I have faith that All Is Well- enough to let me sleep peacefully at night. I have drama unfolding around me-just enough so I don’t become bored. I have healing abilities-just enough to serve humanity in my own humble way. 

I am insightful but not so much that you are an open book. I have weird energetic anomalies occurring at times-but not anything that frightens me. I do experience fear sometimes about 3d life-just enough to have something to surrender. 

I have good communication with loved ones who have passed-just enough that I do not grieve. I have identity with my eternal self-just enough that I never forget I am a vulnerable human. I have love in my heart that most times feels like just enough and sometimes feels like it is all I am. 

I have thrills, like the thunder this morning- just enough to inspire me. I experience tension sometimes followed by release-just enough to sustain dynamic growth. I have teachers in abundance-and I find that to be just enough. I have angels, guides and protection in abundance too-that is also enough. 

My guide OMED almost always signs off with 7 loves and ALL IS WELL! To me it feels like just enough! 

About Christine: Hypnotherapist, International Association of Counselors and Therapists, Reconnective Energy Healer, Past Life Regression, Body Wisdom, Shamanic Healing