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Miracles are happening and everything is moving forward at warp speed. This includes wonderful positive changes associated with the New Earth as well as the intensified purging of the residue of negative patterns from the obsolete old Earth. It is vital that we all remember "WHERE OUR ATTENTION IS, THERE WE ARE." Whatever we are focusing on with our thoughts and feelings we are empowering and sustaining in our lives. So PLEASE stay focused on the Light and what you want to co-create in your life experience. Move away from fear and into happiness and Love. This is a conscious choice you can make moment by moment. 

It is time for all of us to fulfill our purpose and reason for being. We each have the innate ability to hold the sacred space for Humanity's re-calibration into the patterns of perfection for the New Earth. That is why we volunteered to embody on Earth during this auspicious time. 

When I say "WE" I am referring to YOU and every awakening person on Earth. Eventually, this will involve every man, woman, and child, but until the masses complete their awakening process, you and I and Lightworkers around the world have the critical responsibility of being our brother's and sister's keeper. After all, WE ARE ONE. 

Nothing is happening by accident. Your I AM Presence magnetized this information into your sphere of awareness because this information is meant for YOU. Please go within to the Divinity of your heart, and ask your I AM Presence to reveal to you your specific part in this phase of the unfolding Divine Plan. Your Light and Love are needed NOW! 

Please read the following information with an open heart and an open mind. Then listen to your heart and see how you are being guided to add to the Light of the world during this life-transforming opportunity. Many of you are familiar with some of the following information, but we have thousands of new people who have signed up for our newsletter. It is important for all of us to have this background, so we can comprehend the magnitude of the activity of Light our Father-Mother and the Beings of Light are asking us to accomplish. 

Once again, our Father-Mother God and the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are sending a Clarion Call to YOU and all embodied Lightworkers. We are being called to participate in a global activity of Light that will fulfill the greatest need of the hour for Humanity and Planet Earth. We have each been preparing for this moment for lifetimes and we already have within us everything we need to succeed. We have the skill, the wisdom, the courage, and the strength to succeed God Victoriously. Now the Company of Heaven is hoping we also have the WILLINGNESS to respond to the inner guidance of our I AM Presence. 

We have God Victoriously passed through the Shift of the Ages and this precious Planet has at long last reclaimed her rightful place in our Solar System. This is a position we have not been able to achieve since our fall from Grace millions of years ago. The miracle in all of this is that not only the Earth, but ALL Life evolving upon her was able to accomplish this mighty feat. 

We have successfully Ascended through two dimensional shifts. We moved up the Spiral of Evolution from the 3rd Dimension through the 4th Dimension and into the initial frequencies of the 5th Dimension. This was a unique experiment that had never been attempted in any system of worlds. Never had a Planet that had fallen to the depths of separation and duality the Earth was experiencing been given the opportunity to move through two dimensional shifts in such a short period of time. 

Because this had never been done before, no one knew if we would succeed. The belief was that there would probably be some people who would make the choice to move into the Light, but the general consensus was that millions of people would not awaken in time to make that decision and would have to be left behind. This belief was based on the incredibly slow progress Humanity had made over aeons of time. To the amazement of everyone, however, WE DID SUCCEED! 

Where Do We Go From Here? 

Each and every Child of God evolving on this Planet is now in position to cocreate with our God Parents the next phase of our journey back to the Heart of our Father-Mother God. This will be a unique process for every one of us, but the Company of Heaven has assured us that as we cocreate the patterns of perfection for the 5th-Dimensional New Earth, we will experience a glorious adventure beyond our wildest imagination. These precious Beings of Light have set in motion a Divine Plan that will help all of us accomplish this at a greatly accelerated pace. 

The 5th Dimension is a frequency of Light that transcends separation and duality. Within this higher frequency of vibration the gross mutations of disease, poverty, hunger, war, greed, hatred, or pain and suffering of any kind cannot be sustained. The 5th Dimension is a timeless, spaceless frequency of God's Infinite Light and Perfection. It is the frequency that we have always known as the Heavenly Realms. Now with the Shift of the Ages God Victoriously accomplished, the Heavenly Realms have Ascended up the Spiral of Evolution into the 6th-Dimensional Realms of Light. 

Within the 5th Dimension, Divine Love and the consciousness of Oneness and Reverence for Life are the ONLY reality. The Sons and Daughters of God abiding in the 5th Dimension are destined to cocreate experiences that enhance life with every thought, word, action, feeling, and belief we express. We will cocreate win-win situations for everybody as we perpetually focus on Love, Light, and the highest good for ALL concerned. 

This may sound too good to be true, but actually it does not even begin to describe the wonders and joyous things we will be cocreating once we ACCEPT that the New Earth has been Birthed, and we daily and hourly live out of that profound Truth. 

With the Birth of the New Earth we have moved into a Higher Order of Being. Love is the Order of the New Day on Planet Earth. This is not just a lofty platitude or wishful thinking. This is the reality of the New Earth we are now living upon. A supreme consciousness of Love is filtering into the heart and mind of every person on the planet. The masses of Humanity will soon begin to "see with new eyes and hear with new ears." 

Daily and hourly keep this inner knowing in your heart and mind. Pay attention to the Loving experiences manifesting all around you. You will be amazed at the things that are happening within Humanity that reflect a new consciousness of Love, Oneness, and Reverence for ALL Life. Pay attention. Focus ONLY on what you want to cocreate on the New Earth through Love and Reverence for ALL Life. 

Throughout 2013, 2014, and 2015 the Company of Heaven will guide us through amazing opportunities that will accelerate the process of our tangible manifestation of the New Earth. All we have to do is ask. Those patterns of perfection exist right here, right now. These are wondrous times. Stay focused; this is the beginning of our glorious New Reality. 

The Divine Plan 

The Company of Heaven is asking Lightworkers to gather within the portal of the most powerful frequencies of our Father-Mother God's Transfiguring Divine Love on Earth. This portal is in the foothills of Tucson, Arizona. Together we will form a mighty transformer through which the Light of God will flow to accelerate the process of tangibly manifesting the patterns of perfection for the New Earth in the physical world of form. 

We have Birthed the New Earth in the 5th-Dimensional Realms of CAUSE, and now the patterns of perfection for the New Earth are pulsating in, through, and around the mental and emotional strata of Earth. What we must understand, however, is that in order for these glorious patterns to manifest in the physical plane, they must be drawn through the Divinity within the Heart Flames of people abiding on Earth. 

We can do this individually and accomplish the process little by little, but if we come together within the most powerful Portal of Divine Love on Earth and collectively anchor the patterns for the New Earth through our unified Heart Flames, the Company of Heaven said we will cocreate a quantum shift that will exponentially move this process forward by leaps and bounds. 

It is critical that Lightworkers from around the world be physically present for this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan. Together we will form the transformer that will magnetize the patterns of perfection for our Newly Birthed Earth through our Heart Flames into the physical world of form. All of the Lightworkers who have been prepared to serve in this wondrous way on behalf of Humanity and all Life on this sweet Earth will know who they are through the inner promptings of their heart. Listen to your heart, and Trust your inner guidance. YOU ARE BEING CALLED TO A HIGHER SERVICE ON BEHALF OF HUMANITY AND ALL LIFE EVOLVING ON THIS SWEET EARTH. 

In addition to those who are inspired to be physically present, there will be Lightworkers who will join in consciousness from points of Light around the world. These Lightworkers will project the Light flowing through their Heart Flames into the Portal of Light where the Lightworkers are physically gathered in Tucson, Arizona. Thus our unified efforts will expand a thousand times a thousandfold. 

Listen to your I AM Presence. Know that every Lightworker will be in his or her right and perfect place. Respond to whatever your I AM Presence is guiding you to do. We must Trust and KNOW that if we are being guided to be physically present within the Portal of Transfiguring Divine Love, then our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven will assist us in paving the way. This is true whether we need assistance with time, energy, or money to accomplish this facet of our Divine Mission.

​About Patricia: Patricia is co-founder and president of the nonprofit, educational organization New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, which sponsors the Annual World Congress On Illumination.  Patricia was a marriage and family counselor for 20 years. She now spends her time freely sharing the information she is receiving from the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth.  Patricia is an internationally known teacher and author who has taught workshops in 20 countries, and offered FREE Seminars in her hometown of Tucson, Arizona and throughout the USA for the past 33 years. She has written 11 books and produced CDs, DVD's, webinars, teleconferences, a weekly radio program, a free monthly email newsletter, global meditations, and YouTube presentations, all of which are designed to help Humanity add to the Light of the world. 



Christmas New Year Wish

I made a Christmas wish for you,
For a holiday full of pleasure, 

Friends and family all around,
And memories to treasure.

I wish for you a Christmas filled
With joyous holiday cheer;
I wish you a Merry Christmas,
And a very Happy New Year!

© by Joanna Fuchs






Here is a great You Tube with many videos on all types of metaphysical and spiritual topics.  Since our mission to enlighten and inform, we will be posting at least one a month to be sure you have a great background in many aspects of metaphysics and spirituality.  

This episode focuses on: The Flower of Life is a timeless geometric form that makes up all-that-is! It is the fundamental geometry that all forms that make up all of creation and reality emerge from. It is a diagram of the Unified Field, and a geometric map to seeing God in Everything. As science continues to explore all of reality as we know it, the patterns of creations such as this are continuing to be discovered and rediscovered. This overwhelming evidence demonstrates that these sacred forms are found at the heart of everything, including us! It is the pattern of creation, encompassing the birth, life, death, and rebirth of all things and all energies, physical and beyond.

Spirit & Crystal Connections' Healing Circle

One of my Buddhist teachers at the local Rochester Zen Center once shared that whenever we visit with family or if they visit us, we can see this as ‘grist for the mill.’ What he meant was that family – especially close family, like parents, siblings, spouse/partner, and children- offer us a unique opportunity to apply our spiritual practice. It may not be so challenging to stay centered and peaceful among strangers or a close acquaintance. But finding our peace with close loved ones- ah, that can be a challenge indeed!

I recall listening to another Buddhist teacher comment about this in a slightly different way.

“Why is it that your parents seem to push every button- often even after many years of a devoted spiritual or self-reflection practice?”

The audience leaned in as we all wanted to hear what this teacher would say.

“Well, they’re the ones that installed those buttons in the first place.” 🙂

Grist for the mill – can certainly yield a beautiful harvest of grain. Yet the process does require dedication, devotion and consistency.

Healing relationship with parents

In my own life, by applying this practice I have witnessed powerful healing in my relationship with my parents. I live in Rochester, NY, and they reside in NYC. But we see each other about eight times or so per year for stretches of several days. This past week they flew in from NYC to spend a week with my son and to celebrate Diwali. 

I was amazed to see that those things that would usually trigger some upset inside me – just did not seem to happen.

•My dad’s desire for us to reach everywhere an extra 15 minutes early — in contrast to my pattern of usually arriving just in time or perhaps even a few minutes late 

•My mom’s insisting on cooking more and more food — so I could freeze some and in this way, I would have less to do versus my wanting her to just rest, and be with me instead of ‘doing more’ for me 

Instead, each time a wave of upset or irritation would pass through my mind, it would do just that. Pass through. Like a cloud passing across the sky. I did nothing to change the feeling or push it away or even engage in any way. And each time, just as surely as the sun shines through after the clouds pass, so I would watch the cloud of upset wash away. This was followed by a peace that surrounded me like a blanket swaddling an infant.

What is perfect love?

It is a wonderful feeling indeed to know that I can truly honor and love my parents fully- just as they are, where they are and how they are. At the same time, I can honor myself, just as I am, where I am, how I am. I recall reading somewhere that perfect love is not about finding a perfect person to love, but instead loving the imperfect person in front of us perfectly. Yes, the peace in this ability to love perfectly is sweet indeed.

About Seema:  Seema Khaneja MD graduated from the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in NYC in 1992 and completed her residency in pediatrics at NY Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, also in NYC, in 1996. Born in India and spending her early childhood there, she was drawn to study Eastern spiritual traditions at a young age. During medical school and after residency, she studied various complementary healing modalities with a focus on homeopathy, Ayurvedic nutrition, mind body medicine, yoga and meditation. For ten years she practiced holistic medicine caring for children and adults facing chronic physical illness as well as chronic mental health issues. Dr. Khaneja has also worked in the area of chronic pain and has facilitated numerous classes in meditation, stress management and holistic medicine for the local community in Rochester NY (where she currently lives) as well as for medical students at the University of Rochester where she is a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Pediatrics.  In the Fall of 2015, Dr. Khaneja with the support of her father launched Coaching for Inner Peace, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering those facing chronic challenges with tools for healing and transformation. Dr. Khaneja provides individual coaching along with online courses and group coaching to help those facing life transitions such as grief, divorce, chronic illness, or other stressful events find a way to allow their greatest challenge to become their greatest teacher. She draws from her rich background of science and medicine, along with world spiritual traditions to support each person to find a way to connect deeply to their inner resources and fulfill their innate potential for love, happiness, health and well being.

​Welcome to Mystic Musings with Tobie Hewitt. I’m Tobie Hewitt and I’m your guide through time and space and all points in between. Mystic Musings will give you insight into who you are, why you are here, how to live an authentic life, and where you fit into the universe around you. Join me on this path of mystical exploration.

Welcome to Episode 18 of Mystic Musings with Tobie Hewitt. This week we will look at crystal grids, how to set them up, and their uses as we continue our mystic journey. 

Welcome to Episode 19 of Mystic Musings with Tobie Hewitt. This week we will look at crystals and chakras as we continue our mystic journey.

About Tobie:  Tobie Hewitt has nine books listed on, including Simple Gifts: Living a Spirited Life, which shares what it is like to be a spiritual girl in a physical world. She has dedicated her life to helping others realize that they are spirits, embodied on this earth to learn from the experience, and that they do not need to fear the transition known as death. By spreading this awareness, she hopes to contribute to a more peaceful and cohesive world. You can contact her through her contact page on her website -


Vicki Snyder-Young co-owner of the store Spirit & Crystal Connections in Rochester has started a healing group to assist with personal requests.  Every Monday the group gathers to focus the healing energy to the list of names that Vicki has collected.  If you know of someone (humans and animals) who would like to be included on the list or need further details please email -

You may have one goosebumpy dreamy thought of sweet glistening dark-haired cabana boys and a handful of worries about this and that and the other thing. Those worry thoughts, dwelled upon, hold back cabana boy. Doubting cabana boy can come keeps him away. Trying to figure out how it could possibly happen instead of letting yourself listen and be led to your guidance keeps him from coming. Trying to make cabana boy appear won’t work. Our mind chatter, the often automatic thinking over and over about all we are worried about, keeps cabana boy away.

There can be ten things you think about. Nine are things you want. One you definitely don’t want. If you focus on the one you don’t want in all it’s yucky glory, the vibration around all ten drops, not just for the one you are feeling negative about.

It’s also hard to stop every negative thought. So that’s why focusing on appreciating simple things and feeling relief and feeling comfortable and being kind to yourself and letting go and choosing happy means so much. You take your attention off the worry and on to ANYTHING that makes you feel even a tiny bit better. And then do it again and again.

Thank you my favorite t shirt. I feel so comfortable when I wear you.
Thank you Sun for rising and shining.
Thank you blue jays who woke me up. You helped me enjoy another VERY early morning.
Thank you wind for bringing us nourishing rain and such lovely clouds.
Electricity you are amazing!
Trees, thank you in advance for the colorful show you are about to offer us.
Thank you, coffee, for being you.

Our continual mind talk is ongoing. Becoming aware of those thoughts, where our attention and energy is heading, is a huge step towards more deliberate attracting of the things in our life we genuinely desire. The easiest way to get there is to check in, see how you are feeling, and then appreciate anything right NOW to bring your attention back from any negative default thinking and towards something gentle and positive and in this moment. Your emotions tell you if the whole stew is focused high or low. Always aim up. Always focus on feeling better NOW as you ride the waves. Feeling good NOW plus letting go open the door to the magic!

About Tammy: Tammy is a Manifesting & Self-Love Coach who helps others feel their way to a joyous life. She lives in Upstate New York and is mom to one incredible human teenager and a handful of delightful furry people as well.  he has been a spiritual seeker for a lifetime and has been studying and practicing the Law of Attraction for over 10 years, finding it an empowering & liberating tool for self-growth and self-actualization.

​Sensitive men are incredibly attractive. They are path-forgers in the new paradigm of the evolved man. Strong and sensitive. Intuitive and powerful. They’re able to give and receive love without ambivalence, being “unavailable,” or commitment phobia. 

In my books, "The Empath's Survival Guide" and "Emotional Freedom," I write extensively about the power of empaths and describe strategies for how empaths can stay centered and strong in an overwhelming world. Since I’m an empath and worship sensitivity, I want to help empathic men (and women) cultivate this asset and be more comfortable with it. Empathic men often have a harder time than women because in Western culture sensitivity may be seen as a weakness or too “feminine.” This is a huge misconception. The new evolved man is skillful in balancing both the masculine and feminine in himself, embodying his full power. 

Empaths are highly sensitive, finely tuned instruments when it comes to emotions. They feel everything, sometimes to an extreme and are less apt to intellectualize feelings. This is particularly challenging for men as they are often told by society while growing up, “Big boys don’t cry.” That’s why it’s so important for sensitive men to let go of stereotypes and learn to embrace their gifts. I understand how hurtful the negative messages about being “overly sensitive” can feel—also how easy it is to get overwhelmed by excessive stimuli in the world. I've always been hyper-attuned to other people’s moods, good and bad. Before I learned to protect my energy, I felt them lodge in my body. Crowded places amplified my empathy. 

The great beauty of male empaths is that they can feel where you are coming from. Some can do this without taking on people’s feelings. However, for better or worse, others, like myself and many of my patients, can become emotional sponges for other people’s stress. This often overrides the sublime capacity to absorb positive emotions. If empaths are around peace and love, their bodies assimilate these and flourish. Negativity, though, often feels assaultive, exhausting. Thus, empaths are particularly easy marks for emotional vampires, whose fear or rage can ravage them. As a subconscious defense, empathic men may gain weight as a buffer. Plus, an empath’s sensitivity can be overwhelming in romantic relationships; many stay single since they haven’t learned to negotiate their special cohabitation needs with a partner. 

A man’s empathy allows him to love more fully and be more committed in a loving relationship. But empathic men must nurture their sensitivities while also grounding themselves in their power and setting boundaries with negative people so they aren’t drained. For more relationship strategies read my blog, “Relationship Tips for Highly Sensitive People.” 

Recognizing that you’re an empath is the first step in taking charge of your emotions instead of constantly drowning in them. As one empath to another, I want to legitimize your sensitivity so you don’t think you’re losing your mind. I’d had numerous patients who’ve said, “Judith, I thought there was something wrong with me. I feel like such a sissy.” Not so. Our systems are just more permeable. Also realize that the fact that you’re the only person feeling something doesn’t invalidate your perceptions. To maintain resolve in an emotionally coarse world, empaths must have enough self-knowledge to clearly articulate their needs. Staying on top of empathy will improve your self-care and relationships. Here’s a summary of this emotional type. 

Upside of Being an Empathic Man 

You’ve got a big heart, are gifted in helping others.
Your sensitivity makes you passionate, a great lover, and exquisitely sensual.
You’re intuitive about people’s thoughts and feelings.
You’re emotionally responsive, can relate to another’s feelings.
You’re in touch with your body and emotions.
You have a palpable sense of spirituality.

Downside of Being an Empathic Man

You’re an emotional sponge, absorbing people’s negativity.
You’re so sensitive to emotions, you feel like a wire without insulation.
You’re prone to anxiety, depression, fatigue.
You may feel hemmed in living in the same space with other people.
You may have chronic, debilitating physical symptoms.
You have difficulty setting boundaries with draining people, get run over by them.

Honestly accessing which traits are productive or not makes you freer. Of course, you want to be emotionally charitable, intuitive, and open, an empath’s assets. However, empathy won’t make you free if you walk around perpetually raw, easily fractured, or have your wildness go out in a whimper because you’re constantly having to emotionally defend yourself. For a male empath to be comfortable in his own skin it’s important to find the right mix of intellect, feeling, and grounding. Here are some exercises from my book, Emotional Freedom to help you achieve this. 

Emotional Action Step. How Empathic Men (And Women) Can Find Balance 

Practice these strategies: 

Enlist your intellect. When you’re emotionally wrung out or suspect you’ve taken on someone’s distress, think things through to counter anxiety. Use both positive self-talk and logic to get grounded. Repeat this mantra: “It is not my job to take on the emotions of others. I can be loving without doing so.”

Allow quiet time to emotionally decompress. Get in the habit of taking calming mini-breaks throughout the day. Breathe in some fresh air. Stretch. Take a short walk around the office. These interludes will reduce the excessive stimulation of going non-stop.

Practice guerilla meditation. To counter emotional overload, act fast and meditate for a few minutes. Find a private place to close your eyes. Lower your expectations--it doesn’t have to be Shangri-La. Do two things while meditating. First, keep exhaling pent-up negative emotions--loneliness, worry, and more. Feel them dissipate with each breath. Second, put your hand over your heart and visualize loving-kindness permeating you from head to toe. These actions will quickly relax you.

Define and honor your empathic needs. Safeguard your sensitivities. In a calm, collected moment, make a list of your top five most emotionally stressful situations. Then formulate a plan for handling them so you don’t fumble in the moment. For example:

If someone asks too much of you, politely tell them “no.” It’s not necessary to explain why. As the saying goes, “No is a complete sentence.”

If your comfort level is three hours max for socializing--even if you adore the people--take your own car or have an alternate transportation plan so you’re not stranded.

If crowds are overwhelming, eat a high-protein meal beforehand (this grounds you) and sit in the far corner of, say, a theatre or party, not dead center.

If you feel nuked by perfume, nicely request that your friends refrain from wearing it around you. If you can’t avoid it, stand near a window or take frequent breaks to catch a breath of fresh air outdoors.

Carve out private space at home. Then you won’t be stricken by the feeling of too much togetherness.

When empathic men can learn the above skills to develop their sensitivities and ward off negativity, they will be more alive, more loving, more creative. Over time, I suggest adding to this list to pinpoint new protective strategies. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time you’re on emotional overload. With pragmatic strategies to cope, empaths can feel safer, and their sensitivity talents can flourish.

​About Judith: Judith Orloff, MD is author of The Empath's Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People, upon which her articles are based. Dr. Orloff is a psychiatrist, an empath, and is on the UCLA Psychiatric Clinical Faculty. She synthesizes the pearls of traditional medicine with cutting edge knowledge of intuition, energy, and spirituality. Dr. Orloff also specializes in treating empaths and highly sensitive people in her private practice. To learn more about empaths and her free empath support newsletter as well as Dr. Orloff's books and workshop schedule, visit her website.​








​Hands on Healing - what is it and how does it happen?  I think a healthy dose of skepticism helps to analyze and evaluate the "unseen."  I always want to know more about how can we humans are able to make this magical mysterious event happen.  I believe that good skepticism keeps us searching for the truth. I saw this show on the TLC Channel and was amazed. 

From Charlie's website:  For 18 years Charlie Goldsmith kept his healing ability out of the public eye. It has always been Charlie’s intention to expose his work to multiple scientific studies.  It wasn't until after his first hospital study, completed in 2013 by doctors at the NYU Lutheran hospital in New York, that it became public. The study was designed to build a case for a double blind study in the future. It was published in 2015. 

In 2015, Charlie's clinical practises were again studied jointly by Monash University Professor Paul Komesaroff and the NYU Lutheran hospital. This study is currently being written and due to be submitted for publication in 2018.   In 2016 Professors at NYU Langone Hospital in New York approached Charlie to do a double blind controlled trial.  It is currently going through the IRB approval process and is due to commence early 2018. 

Charlie is also the subject of a USA television series called 'The Healer'  on TLC premiering November 6, 2017. 

Charlie does not charge for his healing work.

Charlie Goldsmith discovered he had the incredible ability to heal people at only 18 years old, and he's been helping people with acute pain and chronic injuries ever since. While continuing to heal people from all walks of life who are plagued by chronic and debilitating ailments, he has also worked closely with scientists and medical professionals as he works to gain credibility for energy healers like himself. Ultimately, he wants healing to be an option alongside modern medicine.Here’s a you tube and you can find it weekly on the TLC Channel.

And there's more, Charlie is offering a free healing.  ** Please Note **  The results from these group sessions can be pretty good, but not like what you'll see when I work one-on-one. This time there are many thousands more people than I've ever worked on at once. I'm not sure how that will affect it, but it seems obvious that it'll be very diluted. So please have no expectations and just see what happens. I hope it does good things for you. 


Before the session it can be good to write a list of what you'd like worked on. You don’t have to do this, you can simply think about it.  
I suggest lying down and relaxing for 5 minutes at the time of the session wherever you are in the world.  There is no broadcast or phone call. That's it, it's very simple. Just lying down. Relaxing.  It doesn't matter where you are, home, car, office toilet, etc. That’s fine. Quiet is ideal.  You don't need to do or think of anything other than hopefully enjoying the peace.  There is no cost for this.  There is only ONE session, so everyone will join at the same time. 

It will be at 4pm Saturday, December 2, Los Angeles time. For example it'll be: New York - Sat 2nd 7:00 pm, Sydney - Sun 3rd 11:00 am



We are being challenged, and the lessons are difficult to grasp. Cultural changes are happening rapidly. The time is now to become part of the solution and heal the inequalities and pains. We are not helpless. The things that are occurring are doing so so that we may learn new lessons, take different steps, reach out to different ideas and people, plug into the All and raise a great energetic sparkling cloud of love. It is time for our empathy and compassion to precede us into a room. Let people know we are here as healers, led to this time and space to continue the journey that started with the moment the Creative Spirit brought us into this plane to live, to learn, to love past reason. The reports in the news speak of a rising of the matriarchy. The time of feminine healing, a healing that was once the norm before the energy was wrested away and used for lesser purposes. We are watching a readjustment so that the Goddess can edge into this space and place her hands in blessing. It is time we join into a reawakening of the energy that birthed the world, and in that energy we can overcome the strife and challenges that are assaulting us. Of course we need a balance of the masculine and feminine vibrations. This is required. But the angry dominance must end in all its forms and expressions. It is time to find balance. Enter the energy this balance brings, join hands, overcome the darkness, live our beautiful and blessed lives as the spiritual beings we are.Type your paragraph here.

About Tobie: She is a Mystic/Writer/Intuitive Consultant, has been giving intuitive readings for almost 40 years. In that time she has both helped people to contact their loved ones on the other side of the veil and guided them to living a more fulfilling and actualized life.

A Clear Field = No Need for Boundaries 

Healers especially, and we are all healers in our own way, sometimes make the mistake of carrying people in their field. To do so implies a lack of trust in the process we are all undertaking here on Earth 3rd dimensional. It also limits our experience of the now moment, since we are relying on images and miasmas of the past that then color our experience of those people now. 

If I find myself worrying about someone, I return them to their greater self, their team of guides and angels, their higher self, soul and oversoul. Basically, I give them back to themselves and to God. I trust as sovereign beings they are experiencing the very thing that will ultimately liberate them from all limitations, may they be self- imposed or what they have called in to assist in their awakening. 

So why heal at all? If someone comes to me in suffering and asks for help to move forward on their timeline or path, then I become part of what they have called in to assist them. By the time they leave however, I have released them back to themselves with total faith that the highest good is served, not by my concern for them but by me seeing them as already healed and in the hands of the Divine. 

By focusing on my own eternal self, I can begin to understand and appreciate the eternal nature of others and see the truth of their being at play here on Earth. The very thing I would save them from by worrying (when has that ever worked) in fact may be the very thing that liberates them on such a deeper level. I choose trust and love over fear. 

This morning it occurred to me to release everyone from my field. Family, friends, acquaintances, teachers and everyone I have had an interaction with in my whole life. The result was amazing! I felt buoyant and my boundaries fell away! I had no need of them anymore. My field became very clear and devoid of old stories, judgements, or ideas and the feelings associated with them. I had no need to set a boundary or protect myself since I would not be holding onto it anyway. It liberated me and liberated them! 

Carrying others does not serve them or us. That does not mean we don’t act when called to help. Releasing others from our field frees us to become more effective healers and lighter in our own sense of self. We become the true compassion. Compassion that trusts there is light at the end of the tunnel. We become the existence that calls that light in here and now and then embodies it with faith and love eternal.

All Is Well​

About Christine: Hypnotherapist, International Association of Counselors and Therapists, Reconnective Energy Healer, Past Life Regression, Body Wisdom, Shamanic Healing


​The Shortest Day by Susan Cooper 

So the shortest day came, and the year died,
And everywhere down the centuries of the snow-white world
Came people singing, dancing,
To drive the dark away.
They lighted candles in the winter trees;
They hung their homes with evergreen;
They burned beseeching fires all night long
To keep the year alive,
And when the new year's sunshine blazed awake
They shouted, reveling.
Through all the frosty ages you can hear them
Echoing behind us - Listen!!
All the long echoes sing the same delight,
This shortest day,
As promise wakens in the sleeping land:
They carol, fest, give thanks,
And dearly love their friends,
And hope for peace.
And so do we, here, now,
This year and every year.

Welcome Yule!!  

​As I look back at my life, just a few years ago, when I first walked into Plymouth Spiritualist Church (PSC), I was so broken.  I remember sitting in service with tears streaming down my face.  I only needed to hear the healing music and tears would just flow and flow.  I had no idea how broken and wounded I was at that time.  And even as I was crying, for what seemed to be no reason, I did not understand why then.  I didn’t know that I had begun a healing journey. 

I really didn’t understand my wounds or that I had begun seeing the world and life as I had never seen it before, that I had found something that had been hidden all around me for my entire life but had eluded me time and time again.  I found myself in a new place of discovery. 


Yes I had come to a place of discovery.  I came upon this place of discovery by accident.  I wasn’t searching for it.  I didn’t even know I needed to find it.  My past had led me to this place through much pain and what seemed to be suffering.  I no longer use the term suffering because I no longer have a need for that label. That is what it felt like for my understanding at the time, but now I understand how it was so necessary for me.  The person that I am needs the strong push to breakthrough and release what no longer serves me.  I realize this and that I am stubborn in my commitments to beliefs. I can accept that I can be wrong or that there could be a better way, but I need proof.  I have to be shown or I will keep going the way I always have gone and believe what I have always believed. 

When I walked through those doors at PSC, I had just walked out of what I had considered to be a horrendous marriage.  The only thing I understood about that marriage was that I was done with it.  I stayed as long as I could and felt I should because after two prior failed marriages, I did not want to leave anything undone, unsaid or incomplete.  I needed to learn whatever I needed to learn so that I would not repeat this same mistake ever again.  It had been my third try with basically the same personality with the same issues.  I knew I had to finish this lesson that I had not fully learned the other two times even though I felt the shame of a third try failure.

As I look back at this failure, I am grateful because this failure was one of the greatest lessons I ever learned. It pushed me into a space and a place I don’t believe I would have come to on my own.  In so doing it helped me to come to understand something about myself. I don’t come to discovery or awareness easily.  I need the hard push and that was a hard push. 

This abusive marriage was my push, right out of a comfortable unchanging place into a world that was hidden all around me. I found this world as I contemplated taking my life.  Having previous religious teachings about suicide, I started looking for a different answer to that no forgiveness part of it. I felt near death experiences would tell me more about the other side of death than any other sources I could find.  The stories and experiences of those who had seen the other side and returned to tell it opened up a world to me that I had not expect to find.  This world hid the answers that I had been asking the questions of all of my life.  Finally I was in a place that made sense.  I felt like I had awakened out of a sleep and suddenly discovered a world that had co-existed with my old world. 

My discovery of this new world also led me to Plymouth Spiritualist Church.  I walked through the doors and discovered many others who found their way to Plymouth as well.  It felt like a return to home with long lost family.  The years I spent at PSC were years of learning and growing into another aspect of myself which brought me healing, peace, love and knowledge that I need not fear death.  When you learn that there is no real death or hell fire, it takes away the fear.  I believe this is what Paul meant in scripture when he said “Oh Death, where is your sting? O grave, where is your victory?” (1 Cor.15:55). 

When you come to accept that God really is love, many things are released and set free from within you.  It allows you to live in love and peace.  It becomes easier to make a better choice.  Learning to accept this truth of Infinite Love takes so much pressure off.  I dropped all of the needless concern and focus on sin and getting it right and no longer lived in the fear of getting it wrong. 

I am grateful to be in this place of knowing.  It has been a good journey getting to this place.  However, in so doing, I realize there is more.  I don’t feel that I am all that I could be.  There is a missing piece that I feel is hidden in plain sight once again.  I just have not come to discover it yet.  I believe that when we set out on any journey, we take with us the very thing we are searching for.  This reminds me of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  She had the ability to go home all the time.  She just had to come to the right place and time to see it within her.  

The journey gives us an experience which awakens our awareness to who we really are, to release things that no longer serve us, and to meet others who will help us learn about ourselves.  Meeting our challenges helps us to exercise and become stronger to handle the awareness as we awaken to new levels of ourselves.  As I take this journey to self-discovery, there will be challenges to help me come to the awareness of who I already am. 


May the past experiences become catalysts to help me propel forward on my journey to discover new aspects of who I truly am.  May I not shrink back from any challenges that I may face but understand that they are a part of my progress and process to self-discovery.  May I learn a deeper and greater love for myself and appreciate where I have come from as I learn to love myself fully and completely. 

Love, Rebecca​

About Rebecca: I am Rebecca Washington. I have not always appreciated myself, my gifts, talents, intellect, internal or external beauty that I possess. The lack of appreciation and acknowledgement has been reflected in how I think the world sees me. But the world can only see what I show it and allow it to see.  Casting all of that behind me, I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world; your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart. All of these elements brought me to this:  "Love, Rebecca."

When I was starting out on my spiritual journey, I used to wonder why the teachers I chose were not responsive to certain questions I asked or feelings I expressed. Many of these questions and feelings of mine were based in a fearful or hurt energy. I knew that my teachers were hearing me, but they were not answering me or providing verbal confirmation when I most craved it. It was not until recently that I experienced for myself that it has nothing to do with a lack of compassion or feeling above something or someone. When you ascend, it becomes much harder to respond to these vibrations in a way that makes sense to the person experiencing them. Sometimes, the best you can do is hold space for healing and love, and most often, that takes place in silence.

For example, last week, a friend was telling me about his fears of energy readings and mediumship. My gut reaction was to soothe him, to tell him that true messages from Spirit are nothing to fear. I have done this for him numerous times already, however. I have attempted to explain these things in a logical manner that his mind is more able to grasp. I have shown him that I am not scary or crone-like in my metaphysical practice. Still, he has not been able to release his fears. This is okay – I am not judging this and realize that God expresses Himself to us in different ways, and perhaps the way that God has shown up for me will not be the same as He shows up for my friend. Thus, I do not have much to say in response to his fears that I have not already said, and I have fewer things to offer in general conversation as my energy branches out in the opposite direction of his.

This “gap” between us in our understandings and energy makes it difficult for me to know what to talk about with him. My life becomes more deeply rooted in the metaphysical each day, while he is on a different path. There are some things that we still have in common, but not enough to warrant as much communication as we had in the past. This can hurt a human… we like to believe that our close relationships are forever, and while the love you hold for someone can last that long, the close bond and commonalities sometimes do not. We can feel ourselves drifting away from people we once spoke to every day and feel as though something is wrong, but it is more natural for us to grow, expand, and learn for our entire lifetime. What is unnatural is when we hold ourselves back to keep our relationships the same, and I have done this many times in my life. This hurts even more than “losing” the relationship, however.

I put losing in quotations because, while we may interpret what is unfolding in this way, it is not always the truth. In time, those who did not believe as you do may change their minds and gravitate toward you again. I have experienced months or years in my close friendships where we lost touch, but came back together more strongly later when our energies aligned again. I now allow this ebb and flow of my relationships and take an intuitive approach to the people in my life.

When those I looked up to on my spiritual path were not responsive, I felt rejected and as though my energy was not good enough for them. Now I realize that I was looking at them as above me, when the truth is that we are equals. Any teacher is just the facilitator of your own wisdom, just as anyone who works as a healer is facilitating your own ability to heal yourself. Silence is an effective mirror. It did not cause these feelings of inadequacy and rejection, because they were already a part of my experience. I was choosing them for myself when I did not realize I had the power to choose differently. The silence merely reflected to me what I was choosing.

When the soul has outgrown your current experience, it can feel incredibly painful. I have felt angry with God and even believed Him cruel as I went through heavy isolation in 2015 and 2016. When the people I saw as comforting had no words of comfort, I wondered if there was something wrong with me. But they were holding space for my ascension, and God was waiting for me to use the wisdom He gifted to me.

Now I am learning not to feel guilty as I am on the other side of that, wrapped in the cloak of my silence, not to be mistaken for apathy. When words fall short, I choose compassion and hold space for the highest good of all.

About Holley: She is a freelance writer and consultant in Rochester, NY. She has been published in several literary journals and online magazines, including Rebelle Society and The Urban Howl. She was a finalist in the Adelaide Literary Awards 2017 with her essay about healing, which is entitled “Nonlinear.” She also does energy healing and readings and can be found at